Welcome to Ultra168 Buy & Sell


Have you got any unwanted running gear that you no longer use and wish to move on? We’ve created this dedicated section of the website to allow you to do just that.

It works very much like eBay in that you can list items, set a time period for the auction and allow people to bid on the items. Just like eBay you can also state a ‘Buy it Now’ price too.

To add an auction you need to be a registered user of the Ultra168 website – anyone from around the world can auction any item they choose – just bear in mind postage costs for both buyer and seller! What that means is that if you have signed up as an Ultra168 Supporter or Subscriber in any way, then you’re all set to start adding auctions. Just follow the guide below to add an auction or to bid.

If you haven’t registered as a Subscriber yet, click here to add your details so that you can start buying and selling. When you open the page, click on the ‘Subscriber’ membership (it’s free) and start adding your details. Once added, you’ll have your own custom page created for you and you can start buying and selling.

Why should I run an auction on Ultra168?

Unlike eBay or any other buy/sell website, at Ultra168 you have a dedicated and highly relevant audience i.e. ultra and trail runners just like you. We have tens of thousands of people visit our website each month, which means more relevant people ready to view your auctions.

We’re also have a global readership, which means even more people potentially interested in what you have to sell.

What can I sell?

  • You can sell new and used items on Ultra168 Buy & Sell – just make sure your item description accurately reflects the item.
  • Please note that a 1.5% listing fee for each item sold is taken from the final auction ‘win price’ to cover Ultra168 administration charges.
  • Please also note that a flat rate transaction fee of $1.75 per item is added onto all auction ‘wins’ that the buyer pays – this covers all banking / PayPal fees that are directly passed onto Ultra168.

We’ve categorised the auctions into the following five areas:

Click here to bid on Running Shoes
COMING SOON! Bid on Running Shoes
Click here to bid on Backpacks & Hydration
COMING SOON! Bid on Backpacks & Hydration
Click here to bid on Running Apparel
COMING SOON! Bid on Running Apparel
Click here to bid on Nutrition
COMING SOON! Bid on Nutrition
Click here to bid on Running Accessories
COMING SOON! Bid on Running Accessories













How to buy or sell in an Ultra168 auction – Five Easy Steps

  1. Firstly, make sure you’re a subscriber to the website. If not, go here and sign up – it’s free and you can’t buy or sell without being one. If you’re an Ultra168 Supporter or you’ve bought something from us in the past, you’re fine and ready to go.
  2. Before you agree to buy or sell any item, please make sure you read our guidelines and policies. It’s really important that you do to understand the process and to avoid an issues further down the line.
  3. To add an auction, simply click here, read the instructions and fill in our easy to use form. Press ‘Submit’ at the bottom of that page and your item details will be sent to us. We’ll then look over them, upload and people can start bidding on your item.
  4. If you win an auction, you’re expected to pay for that item promptly. Similarly, as a seller, once you’ve received payment you’re expected to send the item promptly. Again, read our guidelines on what’s acceptable and what’s not.
  5. Finally, read our guidelines again 🙂