Fastest Known Times

Welcome to this section of the website where we ask for all of your unofficial fastest times and training PBs. If you think you’ve got a claim to record for a training run, let us know and we’ll post it up. On the flipside, if you see a time up there that you’ve smashed to pieces, let us know too and we’ll knock ’em off the top.

Of course, all of this is based on honesty and you guys telling the truth, and while we won’t ask for proof, if we smell a rat, we’ll get you to send us some evidence 🙂 To be clear, we’re not after race records here, although they’re always welcome too. We want to know how quickly you’ve smashed a lap of the Tan for example, or what’s the quickest Kedumba rep you’ve done? And just to be clear, no age group records and no coffee mug collectors… OK?!

Send us your times to and we’ll stick them on this page.

Fastest Known Times

  • Adrian Lazar – Fastest Australian at Western States 100 19hrs 24mins
  • Andrew Tuckey – 1 x Quarry Road lap (Approx 13kms)  50 mins 50 secs
  • Michael Miles – Yarramalong Store to Somersby Store (Approx 25.8km) (GNW100 miler) 2hr 9 mins
  • Andrew Vize – Mosman Hills Course (10 kms) 44 mins 35 secs
  • Craig Mottram – The Tan (3.84 kms) 10 mins 08 secs
  • Dave Kennedy – Stirling Ridge loop 13hrs
  • Brendan Davies / Clarke McClymont – Congewai School to Cedar Brush (32km) 3:15
  • Brendan Davies / Clarke McClymont – Congewai School to Communications Tower 0:36
  • Tom Batty – Honeymoon Stairs – Royal National Park (return – 2.5kms) 12min 31sec

3 thoughts on “Fastest Known Times

  1. Stirling Ridge-Top Walk Marathon- Chester Pass Rd run to carpark climb mountain and other 8 peaks descend and return to Chester Pass via firebreak 13hrs 00mins

    Found out recently of a record in the 5’s for the Ridge but seems contrived when you need 2 cars to do it. The loop is the benchmark imo.

    1. Hey Gary, sorry for the delay in replying! The Mosman Hills course is just under a 10km route that starts at the bottom of Awaba Street, goes right to the end of the road and into the car park at the end, around the furthest most point, and then loop back to climb up Coronation Avenue, up to where it meets the road at the top. Place both feet over the line, then back down again, and head up and over to Raglan Street and circle the furthest pole/traffic. Then back down again and head up Mandalong, around the pole and back down again. Then time for the bitch of them all, Awaba, up to very top (not just where the roundabout is!), then back down, and then finally up the stairs at the very end of the beach to climb up Stanton, around the traffic light at the top and all the way back down again.

      The rules are that a PB can only be set on your second lap i.e. we do two laps, a warm-up lap starting at 5am, and then a ‘hot’ lap at 6am :)….

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