Here at Ultra168, we’ll bring you the interviews that give deep insight into the world of ultra running through the eyes of those who compete in them. We’ll profile the star runners of the global scene, but also give you a flavour of the local boys and girls who make Australian ultra running what it is.

To do this, we’ve split our ‘Big Interviews’ into two sections. Firstly our ‘Meet the Elites’ section will give you some insight into how some of the stars train and achieve what they do on the international stage.

Our ‘Local Legends’ section is about giving some airtime to those who turn up week in week out at some of the biggest and best ultras Australia has to offer. We believe that you can learn valuable lessons from the star performers as well as the local guys. We hope you enjoy this section of the website and if you have any people in mind that you’d like to see profiled here, please do let us know.

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