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Ultra168 Insider - Featured Coaches & Experts

Tim Locke

A coach and runner who loves the process of coaching and training for events anywhere from 5km to ultra distance.DBA Runners

Altitude Australia

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Running Coach at DBA Runners
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Altitude Coach at Altitude Australia

Strength training
Mental training
Mark Emr

Mark is a runner and coach with 10 years experience and has competed in over 80 marathons and ultra-marathons. Click to email Mark



Mark provides personalised training programs and online coaching to clients across Australia and internationally. Mark's experience benefits both beginners and experienced athletes alike.
Pete Colagiuri

Sports Physio with 17 years experience and a Level 2 Running Coach. Pete's clinical specialties are complex and chronic running injuries and lower limb biomechanics. Pete works with track, road and trail runners and coaches across the spectrum from recreational to elite. BioathleticPete's philosophy is centred around three principles: rest is over-prescribed and often harmful, you can outrun your problems with the right exercises and injury is an opportunity to fix deficits.
Steph Gaskell

Steph is a Melbourne based Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist, Advanced Accredited Sports Dietitian and Sports Dietetic Researcher. Steph has over a decade of experience working with athletes from recreational to Olympic Level, professional teams such as South Australia Cricket Redbacks and Scorpions, pro triathletes, elite ultra trial runners, elite cyclists and has been a service provider to the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI).Nutrition Strategies

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Steph is currently researching into gastrointestinal issues in endurance athletes.

View Steph's profile here
Caine Warburton

Caine has been working closely with athletes from all backgrounds to achieve their goals and reach their potential since 2010. During this time his athletes have achieved numerous victories and podium finishes in Trail running, Ultra running and Triathlon as well as setting new PBs in everything from 1 mile to 100 miles.Running on the edge

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Caine offers an all inclusive 100% personalised coaching service to a LIMITED number of athletes each year. He promotes a close athlete/coach relationship with a focus on open communication.
Michelle McAdam

As a busy working Mum, Michelle understands the need to prioritise and make the most of the time available to train. It's about being 'smart' in both your training and goals. Michelle believes a large part of what we can achieve is driven by our mental strength, our determination and our persistence, not just the physiological gifts we were born with.

Michelle is a double Australian rep at world long course triathlon (best result 7th Denmark). She's also a 2:44 marathon runner and finished third at 6ft Track.
TRT Running

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“Running is a way of life. It's about balance and trust. It's about learning what you think you can achieve and then pushing it further. It's about patience and resilience.”

Coaching Services: Road; Trail;
Adults; TRT Elite Squad; Face to Face; Online.
Karen Mickle

Karen is the biomechanist for athletics at the Victorian Institute of Sport & a research fellow at Victoria University. Also a long distance runner and coach, having competed in around 50 marathons and ultramarathons (4x 100k). Crosbie Crew

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Biomechanical analyses and Injury screenings. Experienced in training programs for runners from beginners to Olympians.
David Moore

David is a Sydney based coach who operates Blackbox Endurance. Blackbox was built upon a philosophy that anyone can achieve extraordinary endurance with the right training. With around a decade of coaching experience, David has consistently helped athletes achieve strong performances in a wide range of races such as long course triathlon and ultra marathons. Blackbox Endurance

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Coaching is provided online and locally with a focus on individualisation and making principles of high performance within reach. David has a particular interest in the mental and tactical aspects of racing.
Gary Mullins

Gary is a highly accomplished runner and coach, having represented Australia twice at 100km and was also NSW State Marathon Champion 2016 & 2017.TRT Running

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“Create a Purpose and Be Patient”

Coaching Services: Track; Road; Trail;
Juniors; Adults; TRT Elite Squad; Face to Face; Online; Strength & Conditioning.
Dominic CaddenDom Cadden is a health communicator, coach and athlete who has flipped between peak strength and endurance sports. He is possibly the only international powerlifting champion to have completed a 200-mile+ trail ultramarathon (not that many have tried!). Click to email Dom

Dom has a special interest in strength for sport (and running in particular) and functional strength for the over-40s (both athletes and those previously inactive).
Mac Mckie

Leeds UK based Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning and Online coach. Owner and head coach at https://reorgfitness.co.uk/about . After serving with the British Army I gained a degree in sports performance through Teesside University and have been able to continue my passion for endurance sports, in particular ultra marathons and coaching athletes along their endurance endeavours.Click to email Mac

Reorg Fitness
Mac has a massive interest in the attention to detail in all aspects of performance specialising in strength and conditioning and teaching mental resiliency, incorporating both into my own and all clients programming believing that prehab is better then rehab and less is more.