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Steph Gaskell

Steph is a Melbourne based Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist, Advanced Accredited Sports Dietitian and Sports Dietetic Researcher. Steph has over a decade of experience working with athletes from recreational to Olympic Level, professional teams such as South Australia Cricket Redbacks and Scorpions, pro triathletes, elite ultra trial runners, elite cyclists and has been a service provider to the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI).Click here for Steph's articles
Nikki Letts

Nicki Letts and her partner Mat are trail runners and vanlifers, travelling around in their VW Kombi "The Old Girl" and hitting the trails at every opportunity. They ran their first 100km race back in 2011 and have been enjoying the view from the middle of the pack ever since. Follow their trail adventures at here for Nikki's articles
Lucy Bartholomew

Lucy is one of Australia's finest female ultra distance runners. She's the current ladies record holder at Ultra Trail Australia, as well as finishing third at the 2018 Western States Endurance Run 100 miles on her debut.Click here for Lucy's articles