Add An Auction


Welcome to the ‘Add an Auction’ Page, part of the new Buy & Sell feature on Ultra168. To ‘Add An Auction’, you must be at least an Ultra168 subscriber, so move your mouse to the Ultra168 Supporters tab, click ‘Join’ and then click on the Subscriber membership to add your details. Easy!

Here you can sell running gear in an auction just as you would on Ebay, except on Ultra168, you have a dedicated audience of ultra nuts both here in Australia and around the world too.

If you want to sell an item, all you need to do is fill in the form below and press submit. We’ll then look over it, upload it and prospective buyers can bid on your item. Once the item is ‘won’ in auction we’ll then forward your money to you and you can ship the item to the buyer.

For more information about the process of selling, we’ve pulled together this simple outline which you can access by clicking here. It will tell you everything you need to know about selling your items on Ultra168. Below also are some notes for filling out the form:

  • All fields with an * need to be filled out
  • Keep your auction title simple e.g. Salomon S-lab Hydration Pack
  • Make sure that the item description accurately reflects the condition of the item you’re selling. If there is damage to the item, state it. Likewise, if it’s in great condition, say so too!
  • Pricing: You have a number of options here. A starting price is compulsory to add in. You may wish to consider a ‘Buy It Now Price’, this means that if you’d like $80 for your item and someone bids that, the item is effectively sold at that price and the auction ends. A reserve price means that your item will not be sold for less than the amount you state. If the reserve is not met, yet bids are on the item, it will not be sold without your say so.
  • Payment method: There are two ways you can be paid. The best is PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, then add your PayPal email address in this section. If not, add your bank account details and you will be paid by electronic transfer.
  • You will be responsible for shipping, so please enter in the cost of shipping, which the buyer will pay for. Please also state whether you’re happy for the item to be sold worldwide. Bear in mind the global shipping costs of doing so if you select this option.
  • Choose how long you’d like the auction to last
  • Please ensure that the images you upload are images of the item you are selling. Also be sure to take pictures of any damage or wear and tear to items to ensure an accurate portrayal of the item. Images must be no bigger than 2MB.

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