Who is Ultra168?

Ultra168 is run by Dan Bleakman, a Sydney-based ultra marathon runner who wants to share my passion for running on trails, as well as reporting on what’s happening in the world of trail and ultra running.

My aim is to make this one of the best resources for trail and ultra running, be it advice for running your first ultra marathon, through to insights from some of the World’s leading runners. While there’s an obvious focus on racing and training in Australia and New Zealand, Ultra168 is truly a global website.

Runners, if there’s something you’d like to see featured on this website, drop me a line and we’ll have a chat. Email: dan@ultra168.com

Race directors, if you’d like to see your race featured, again drop me a line with a competitor list and we’ll go from there. While I do my best to cover as many races as possible, I do need a nudge every now and again to make sure everything is on my radar.

Brands, if you have gear that you’d like to be considered for review, again, just drop me an email.

Email: dan@ultra168.com