Stairs – How to get the best out of it for you

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16 thoughts on “Stairs – How to get the best out of it for you

  1. Stairs are a great workout, thanks for the post. I first got into stairs to give me a hard workout when a calf tear prevented running (but allowed walking). You can really get your heart rate up even when fast hiking them. Going down stairs also provides an eccentric load to the calf – so I was able to get a workout and some strengthening rehab at the same time.

  2. Just got back from my Warrior stair set at Woolloomooloo. Closest I come to puking in any session. My strength is definitely the down. I try to go at least as fast down as I do up.

    Nothing beats doing a long set of stairs during a long run.

      1. how many reps do you do over at woolloomooloo? I did 10 last week (first time ive done stairs in ages) and i almost threw up. I thought that was pretty lame. Hoping to build up to 50 before TNF100. will do 15 reps over there this week, possibly tonight.

  3. Bluff Knoll WA. About 5 hours from Perth 600m+ climb over 3.1K. Almost all stairs.
    Record is 23min, mine 33. Have walked in 42 also.

  4. For those on the northern beaches of Sydney, Timber Getters Track – Seaforth Oval to Bantry Bay landing provides lots of uneven steps with a few short runnable sections. You get a 140m(+/-) vertical climb. I did numerous repeats on this track for the TNF100’12. 6 full repeats = 10km = 670m ellivation gain.

  5. Yes, agree stairs are the way to go for trail ultras. I have been using kettle bells over the last few years in preparation for GNW and recommend them for anybody who wants to climb those ascents and get to the top fresh. Last two GNW 100 milers, I have not struggled on the climbs and in fact look forward to them over the flats. I am now incorporating a stair session at the gym into my routine. 10 lots 2 steps at time, followed by shoulder / core, for three sets, then 8 reps, then 6….etc. ends up 110 flights. Now I am adding weights to legs as I find it too easy! So I am a convert to stairs, anything with a big incline.

  6. Nice set of rock steps heading south out of Berowra Waters along the Great North walk. Lots of uneven gaps to mess up the stride, so makes good training.

  7. Thanks for this brilliant article! I am not an Ultra Runner yet, but been dragged to it by running longer and longer distances since I started running 15 months ago. Now, the other day I tried stairs excercise as I have plenty of them around and wondered how I can optimize it.

  8. Deffo tick for the Woolloomoloo stairs. Before TNF100 last year i would do 30 – 40 reps.
    Now i’m based in the inner west i’m eyeing off John St (Pyrmont) light rail station which is only 90 steps but with shorter landings between flights.
    This year two at a time or bust! Nellie’s Glen i’m coming for you…or at least i would be if was doing more than the 50k. Fatherhood excuse.

    1. Hey Aaron, there’s a great set of stairs down at Dawn Fraser pool in Birchgrove… you’ll see me there most Friday mornings bashing out 25-30 reps of that. Dan

      1. Hey Michael, they start on Glassop Street at Elkington Park. There’s a lot of trees there so you might not see them on Google maps. Shout if you still can’t see them 🙂

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