Weekend Wrap: Frankston Portsea; Mount Solitary Ultra; Barkley Marathons; Mount Buller; Mount Takanya Ultra; Jabulani Ultra


It was as an action-packed weekend of ultras and early last week with the Barkley Marathons too. Which is where we’ll start and once again, the course won with no runner making it to loop four. Down under, there was interest both from an Aussie and Kiwi perspective. Searing hot conditions on the first day gave way to freezing cold wet conditions overnight and on the second day.

Isobel Ross from down Victoria way started her first Barkley. Yet despite collecting all 14 pages from their respective books, she was tapped out a few hours after the cut for loop one. Greig Hamilton from New Zealand, a previous World Rogaining champion was one of two people to make it to loop four, before retiring on that loop. And once again, the Barkley course took home the honours to claim all 30-odd scalps starting the race.

Next up, we start with Australia’s oldest road ultramarathon, the Frankston to Portsea Ultra, which is a Fat Ass run for those wondering. And, for a Fat Ass run, a remarkably super fast results service up on line the night of the run. Big hand Kevin Cassidy.

In the men’s race,  Chris O’Brien came home in first place in 4hrs 23mins, while the women’s winner was Amelia Griffo in 5hrs 1min. That was also the second fastest time of the day. As mentioned, this is in no way a race, no entry fees etc… yet given its standing as Australia’s oldest road ultra (starting in 1973), we thought it worth a mention.

Next, we head to the Blue Mountains, for the Mount Solitary Ultra.

In the women’s race, Jodie Earl took out first place in 5hrs 27mins. Second was Beth Cardelli in 5hrs 44mins and third was Jo Nevin in 5hrs 54mins. In the men’s race, Scotty Hawker took out the win in 4hrs 37mins. Second was Morgan Lindqvist in 4hrs 58mins and Brendan Davies (in his second race of the weekend), third in 5hrs 2mins.

Jabulani Ultra

Brendan Davies (in his first race of the weekend) won in 4hrs dead. Nic Fisher second in 4hrs 4mins and Ryan Lowe in 4hrs 5mins. In the ladies, Jess Baker won in 4hrs 51mins, Darna Hedges second in 5hrs 14mins and Amanda Marchant third  in 5hrs 21mins.

Mount Takanya Ultra

No results to report on this one, but well worth a mention. The inaugural run 65km Takayna ultra-marathon and Takayna 22 race. These races were put on to help save takayna / Tarkine from logging, mining and off-road vehicle damage. The event helped to raise money to support the Bob Brown Foundation campaign to have takayna / Tarkine protected as a World Heritage listed National Park, returned to Aboriginal ownership.

The race start got off to an interesting one as a group of around people in off-road vehicles blocked buses and cars from taking runners from Marrawah Hall to the start. Nevertheless, the race got underway.

Mount Buller

Will post when results are up.

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