Weekend Wrap: Northburn 100s / Alpine Ascent 50km / Duncan’s Run 50/100km


First, my apologies to race directors and readers for the lack of preview last week ahead of these races. ‘Real work’ smashed me to bits, so whatever time was left was spent sleeping! But where I can’t preview, I can certainly review! And there’s some awesome reports to be had from three top races over the weekend.

Alpine Ascent

First, to the Alpine Ascent. And there’s one lady right now who’s kicking goals left, right and centre. Steph Auston. Not content with giving Courtney Dauwalter a run for her money at Tarawera, or winning Six Foot Track in a new personal best time. This weekend she smashed not only the women’s course record, but the men’s too, coming home in the fastest time of the day, 4hrs 19mins for the 50km.

Second place for the women was Natasha-Jade Michalczyk in 5hrs 26mins and third was Isabella Basaglia in 5hrs 36mins. For the men, Jason Hosking won in 4hrs 30mins with Warren Rolfe second in 4hrs 45mins and Dave Graham third in 4hrs 48mins.

Northburn 100s

In the ladies miler, Tania Miller took out the win in a time of 28hrs 2mins, while Chris Beasley won the men’s race in under a day, in a time of 23hrs 4x. More results from Northburn to be added when the provisional results are posted.

Duncan’s Run 50/100km

Finally, down to Victoria and Duncan’s Run (50 and 100km events). Felix Weber took out the win for the men in a time of 4hrs 52mins. While second and third was decided by just one second according to the results sheet, yet I think there could have been a handhold finish here between Nick Bryant and John Kent.

In the women’s race, it was the ever formidable Kellie Emmerson once again top billing, winning in a time of 5hrs 43mins. Second was Trish Yates in 6hrs 44mins and Ruby Greig- Hurtig third in 7hrs 5mins.

In the 100km event, Zack Beasley won the men’s race in a time of 11hrs 32mins, while the ladies was taken out by Martine Nield in 14hrs 52mins. Second place in the ladies went to AnnMarie Darcy in 14hrs 59mins and Belinda Nicholson third in 16hrs 3mins.

The men’s podium was rounded out by Nick Montgomery in 12hrs 30mins in second place with Tony Loez third in 12hrs 59mins.

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