Weekend Wrap: CBR48/24/12/6hr

Another action-packed weekend of fun. The Canberra 48/24/12/6 hour track races, where the 48hrs also fronted as the National championships.

Some very familiar faces taking to the 400m track for the fourth running of this event. Headlining, as he has done the last fewyears, was Mick Thwaites. He ran superbly yet again to win with a total distance of 389.041kms. A little shy of previous efforts, but if ever there’s a consistent performer over this distance, it’s our Mick.

In the ladies 48 hours, Nikki Wynd was Queen of the circles, recording a distance of 317.894kms. That effort also earned her the third longest distance of the race too. Kerrie Williamson was an excellent second place with 305.284kms. And third in the ladies race was Cheryl Symons with 284.520kms.

Rounding out the men’s 48hr podium was Dan Symonds with 362.213kms and third, Colin Wiley with 287.223kms.

In the 24hr race, John Pearson led the way, amassing 237.113kms. Second was Rick Storrier with 216.112kms and third was Matt Griggs with 200.301kms. In the ladies 24hr, the winner was Shibani Gharat with 142.243kms. Second was Linda Christison with 134.198kms, and third place was Kelly-Ann Varey 132.222kms.

For the 12hr race, Kev Muller, Mal Gamble and Stephen Redfern had a god old ding dong between them. Kev, solid as ever came up trumps landing 134.801kms for the win. Mal was second with 131.309kms and third was Stephen with 125.634kms.

In the ladies 12hr, Tia Jones led the way for the win with 123.247kms. second place was Simone Hayes with 113.632kms and third was Jane Luke with 94.497kms.

Meanwhile in the 6 hour race, Brendan Davies, a week after running Six Foot track racked up 81.319kms to take the win. While in the ladies 6 hour, Kerrie Bremner secured victory with 55.076kms. The other ladies places went to Lian Kiley (44.225kms) and Amy Reynolds (39.413kms).

The other men’s 6 hour podiums went to Ewan Horsburgh with 72.605kms and Matthew Eckford (69.225kms).

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