Gear Review: T8 Sherpa Shorts

T8 Sherpa shorts

It was about a year ago that I published a review about the Naked Running Band. Arguably the best running belt on the market (Naked Running Band). The issue of how runners carry gear effectively is one of several challenges trail runners face. Another is chafing. How cool would it be to hit two birds with one stone so to speak? This is largely what T8 (T8) has achieved with its latest product, the T8 Sherpa Shorts. These are lightweight shorts with stretchy compartments, combining the best elements of both the Naked Band and T8’s traditional Commando underwear.

The Sherpa Shorts hold less volume than the excellent Naked Band, however still hold up to around two litres worth of gear, which is a considerable amount. This of course all depends on what you’re carrying. But it makes the product perfect for long training runs and shorter trail races and ultra events. I have tested the product since December when given a sample by T8 on my last trip to Hong Kong. I have used it in a variety of conditions and lately in the dry hot conditions that characterise the typical heat waves we have Australia. You can fit a variety of gear in various combinations, including soft flasks, bottles, bars, gels, phone, rain jacket, head torch, space blanket, buff and gloves. This is a large amount of gear that would easily satisfy most training runs and even many trail races.

There is minimal bounce due to the stretchy fabric, which hugs the body, allowing for easy access to all compartments. The smooth and light nature of the shorts means that chafing is minimal. And, you feel very light when moving. This is opposed to the heavy feeling you get when regular running shorts become soaked with sweat and moisture. For me this product is quite revolutionary because it combines shorts and running belt. The Naked Band is a better bet for longer races and extra carrying capacity is required.

This product was an initial prototype and although already very good, the next production run will feature even further refinement. This includes a slightly more tapered leg, shorter drawstring with exit holes inside and outside. Plus, T8 will introduce intermediate sizes for a better fit. These are all aimed at achieving greater comfort, as well as providing the best fit possible for the individual.

The product is a great addition to the ever-increasing variety of gear in the trail running world. However, I truly believe that T8 has found an area that is not only relatively new and underdeveloped, but also something I think all runners will find helpful. 

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David Longo
David is a Canberra-based ultra runner who has also lived in Hong Kong. He races regularly both on the HK and Australian ultra scene.

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