Weekend Wrap: Cradle Mountain Ultra, 9 Dragons 50/50

We spread out wings beyond our fair shoreline as the week starts with round-ups from the 9 Dragons 50/50 ultra over in Hong Kong. But begin our look at the weekend’s racing with a the latest from the Cradle Mountain Ultra (80K). Still ranking as one of the most difficult ultras to even enter, with 60 places available – the field saw returning champions Emma Flittner and Scott Bennett aiming to retain their titles.

And retain they both did. Scott in a rather smoking time of 7hrs 50mins. While Emma ran an equally rapid 9hrs 9mins to finish with the third fastest time of the day too.

Finalising the ladies podium was Amy Lamprecht in second in 10hrs 10 mins, while Joanna Sinclair was third in 10hrs 49mins.

On the men’s podium was Piotr Babis in 8hrs 14mins for second place, while James Flittner was third in 9hrs 12 mins.

Over to Hong Kong and the 50/50 9 Dragons ultra, which features both a 50 miler and a 50km. And, for those very keen, both races!

In the 50 miler, Justin Andrews took out the men’s win in a time of 11hrs 46mins. While in the ladies race, Ki Yan Edith Fung won in a time of 15hrs 49mins. Rounding out the ladies podium was Fredelyn Alberto in second in 16hrs 52mins, and Mokwan Chan in third in 17hrs 23mins. For the men, Kurt Evans was second in 12hrs 22mins and Ander Iza Rekakoetxea third in 12hrs 37mins.

In the 50km event, the ladies race was a very close run thing with France’s Charlotte Taquet the winner in 8hrs 14mins. Second was Sandi Menchi Abahan in 8hrs 18mins and third was Australia’s Kim Matthews in 8hrs 24mins. For the men, China’s Guomin Deng won in a blistering 6hrs 9mins. In second was Japan’s Yuta Suda in 7hrs 7mins with Australia’s Blake Turner third in 7hrs 14mins.

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