Weekend Wrap: Ultras Easy, SA 100km Track Champs, Knapsack Lap Race

Despite being the long weekend here in Australia, there was plenty of racing to get stuck into with a variety of races, distances and terrain. This included a big mountain ultra, a fast flat track 100kms and a trail lap race in the Blue Mountains bush.

Ultra Easy 100km

Over the ditch, one of the first big Kiwi events took place, the Ultra Easy 100km, which also features a marathon and 13km race too. I know I’m a little biased on this one having race this a few years ago, but it is in my opinion one of the best 100km events around. Not only do you do one big massive loop, but the race has a bit of everything. Some nice flatter faster bits, some huge climbing, as well as stunning views across the Cardrona Valley around Wanaka and Queenstown. A proper, good honest mountain ultra.

Men’s winner was Robert Woolley in a time of 12hrs 44 mins. In the woman’s race, Orlaith Heron took the spills with a time of 14hrs 51mins. Second in the ladies was Tania Miller in 15hrs 4mins and third was Katherine Barker in 18hrs 27mins.

The men’s podium was rounded out with Kieran Philip in second in 13hrs 4mins. Bernard Robinson third in 13hrs 27mins.

South Australia 100km Track Championships

Down to South Australia, where it’s been hotter than a hot person eating extra hot chilli for a month, the State’s 100km track championships took place. I struggle to comprehend how anyone actually goes outside down in SA right now, given the weather they’ve had the last few weeks. Let alone contemplate running 100km.

In the women’s event, Sonja Jansen was first female and fourth quickest time of the day, finishing in 9:31:12. She was followed by Jane Luke finishing in 11:16:20. Third was Cheryl Symons in 12:01:58.

In the men’s race, Darren Linney took out the win in a time of 7:43:59. This was followed by David Turnbull who ran 8:10:15 and finally Ben Watt in third. (Time to be added).

Knapsack Lap Race

Here in NSW, the Knapsack lap race played centre stage. The hot weather resulting in a slight reduction in the 6 hour race to a 5 hour race instead.

Men’s winner was Soonchul Shin who ran 51kms, with women’s winner being Shermayne Chan who completed 40.8kms. This was followed by Anne Bennett who also completed 40.8kms (23mins behind) and third Peita Coote (40.8kms and a further 18mins behind Anne).

The men’s podium was rounded out by Jordan Bishop and Nathan Willson. Each completed 45.9kms, but Jordan being a minute quicker than Nathan for second place.

In the 3 hour race, Luke Taylor took all before him to finish with 40.8kms (3hrs 15mins). In the women’s race, Jo Nevin won with 30.8kms (2hrs 52mins). She was followed by Alia Karaman (3hrs 8mins) and Kate Cush (3hrs 40mins), both of whom also ran 30.8kms.

Second in the men’s race was Brendan Davies with 35.7kms (3hrs 3mins) and Darryl Johnson also with 35.7kms (3hrs 34mins).


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap: Ultras Easy, SA 100km Track Champs, Knapsack Lap Race

  1. Bernard was 3rd = in the 100km Ultra Easy (or 4th = if you ask Grant Guise) I was also 3rd as we held hands and had a sing along across the finish line.


    Tom Hunt

    1. Thanks Tom, was just going off the results supplied 🙂 I thought it was either a sprint finish or some hand holding going on! Will adjust. Dan

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