Gear Review: T8 Commando V2

T8 commando

T8 Commando underwear is the flagship product produced by the new Hong Kong based company T8. You have probably not heard of them just yet. But they make a ripper of a product, helping to combat one of the most frustrating and common issues all runners face. Chafing. And, as one of my good running mates said, “you never know where you have chafed until you get in the shower.”

All jokes aside this is a quality product. And, although only available for males at the moment, a female product will be released in February. The name T8 stems from the infamous category 8 typhoons Hong Kong experiences during typhoon season. The underwear is designed to combat the sticky humid conditions Hong Kong runners encounter throughout the year. 

I live in Australia, however race in Hong Kong regularly as well. The T8 Commando underwear is comfortable and ideal for all conditions. I’ve had the chance to test the underwear in a wide range of conditions. Most importantly, I was able to test it for longevity. This is something I think all runners will want when making a purchase. Not only to make sure the gear is good quality, but it is durable.

The product has an extremely competitive price point, designed by two local Hong Kong runners, John Ellis and Mark Green. Thus, a huge amount of experience and thought has gone into producing a high performing and practical piece of gear. I live in Canberra, where we experience all four seasons every year. Freezing winters and boiling summers. We just experienced our third warmest summer on record, and the underwear has performed well in all conditions.

They are incredibly light and very breathable. Making them great for both performance and everyday wear. They are also not ridiculously tight like compression shorts can be. Rather, they are very comfortable and do not constrict blood flow. They are so light at less than 40 grams. So much so, that you often do not realise that you are wearing them. The updated sizing chart means there are a variety of sizes that help runners find as close to a true fit as possible.

In terms of addressing the practical element, a key feature is they dry extremely fast. This makes them beneficial for athletes doing multiple sports and runs on the same day. Or for those traveling. The underwear is washed easily, drying quickly too. This is great for those doing multiple sessions on the same day. Or those taking part in multi-day races.

T8 Commando underwear will arguably benefit trail runners the most. Not only due to the nature and duration of the racing conditions, but the contrasting fashion trends that separate road and trail runners.

The commando underwear has a six-inch inseam. This is longer than most split running shorts that our road running cousins like to wear. Yet, given the lightness of the product I still think it can be applied to road racing situations, especially in terms of ultra events.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the release of the female product in February.

Disclosure: David was given a pair of the Commando underwear to test free of charge and is offering advice / consultation too.

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David Longo
David is a Canberra-based ultra runner who has also lived in Hong Kong. He races regularly both on the HK and Australian ultra scene.

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