Weekend Wrap: Two Bays Review and Six Foot Track Waves announced

six foot track

If you caught our Two Bays preview last week, you’ll have noticed a pretty shit hot field lining up. and, well the race didn’t disappoint with two stellar performances in both the mens and women’s races.

Two Bays results

In the men’s race, we had a new course record from gun runner Ash Watson. He ran a blistering race to cover the 56kms in 4 hours dead. Besting the old course record by over six minutes in the process. Just from a purely selfish point of view, I’d love to see Ash Watson tearing it up at Six Foot Track this year. It’s the type of course that would really suit him I feel. He’d be sure to give the record there a nudge too, racing along the likes of Vlad Shatrov and Courtney Atkinson. Ash, if you’re reading, let’s make it happen!

In the ladies race, Steph Auston, returning from some time out ran away with the ladies too, finishing with the second fastest time of the day in a time of 4hrs 37mins. Steph won by over an hour from second place runner, Crystal Lyons, who finished in a time of 5hrs 44mins, with Christine Hopkins in third in 5hrs 47mins.

Rounding out the men’s podium, Ross Hopkins finished in 4hrs 38mins, with Zack Beasley third in 4hrs 46mins.

Six Foot Track Waves announced

Last week, the Six Foot Track waves were announced. In the men’s race, we see Vlad Shatrov and Courtney Atkinson going toe to toe once again. Vlad aiming for his third consecutive win. He’s been extremely close to the record and one has to think this could be his year to break it.

Chasing those two will be the man who has a fetish for third and fourth place, Mark Green. Mr. Versatile, Brendan Davies lines up for his eighth bash at this race and is sure to be around the top 3-5 as well.

In the women’s race, returning champ Steph Auston is back. She’ll be facing off with the likes of Gemma Jenkins and Gill Fowler. Furthermore, the ever-strong Lou Clifton┬áreturns, surely a podium contender. Watch out too for Michaela McDonald and Sasha Lee. Both feature down the list towards the backend of Wave 1. Both gun runners who should be ranked far higher. And both top 5 potential.

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