Running Resolutions for 2019

On what is now, the final day of 2018 and after a refreshing holiday, I pondered the things I could do differently with my running in 2019. My running resolutions.

Furthermore, as I chilled out in the little bush house my family and I stayed in over the Christmas period, just what could I do different?

With the New Year fast approaching here down under, these are 10 things I’ve considered as part of my 2019 running resolutions. Some of which I’m sure will resonate and ring true. Some are just for laughs. Others I should really pay attention to and deliver upon in 2019.

So, in no particular order, here goes my list of ten running resolutions for 2019.

1.) Thou shalt not run thy long runs too fast. Doing so in a vain attempt to gather much pats on the back via Strava

2.) Thou shalt not smash down the servo’s supply of Oak chocolate milkshake after a 50km bush run

3.) Thou shalt train harder to get faster. Furthermore, not seeking excuses such as gear weight-saving tips.

4.) Thou shalt run at least 5,000kms in 2019. Because more kms equals more fun (and potentially divorce – tricky balance this one).

5.) Thou shalt furnish thine partner with multiple trips to the local beauty/massage salon (to negate issues with resolution number 4).

6.) Thou train consistently throughout the entire year and really really really really really try hard to not pick up an injury.

7.) Thou shalt average more than 5-6 hours sleep per night. (Please children, help me out here!).

8.) Thou shalt run a fast marathon.

9.) Thou shalt by multiple pairs of the running shoe that I really like. Because, I know damn well that the new version will change just enough for me to not like them.

10.) Thou shalt have fun… always.

So, those are my ten New Year running resolutions. What have you got on the cards for 2019? Feel free to leave you comments below!


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