When Talent and Training Collide

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2 thoughts on “When Talent and Training Collide

  1. And how are some people hugely talented at 5k, 10k, half marathoners and even marathoners but only “above average” ultra marathoners?

    Why did Kouros have little talent for the marathon but was untouchable any distance over 100 miles?

    Does Krupricka have talent or does he train harder that others?

    What does Meltzer have that makes him so good? He claims a V02 Max of 54!

    You could come up with plenty of anomilies

  2. I think physiologically there is a base talent. Then the ability to respond well to training is the next level. Perhaps the ability to stay motivated and train consistently is the real ‘talent’.

    But I stick with my theory that stubborness and a poor memory (of the pain) are the key ‘talents’ for ultra runners 🙂

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