Alpine Challenge – 100km Preview

Feathertop, a Victorian Alpine must-do

Following our 100 miler preview yesterday, today the Alpine Challenge 100km race take centre stage, where we find out who’s going to push for line honours. Unfortunately time has gotten away from me for the 0km, so apologies in advance to those racing or looking forward to that.

As mentioned yesterday, the weather’s looking tasty for those headed up into the Victorian Alps, so plenty of fun to be had. I hear Melbourne got a bit of a lashing yesterday as well by all accounts. At least the snakes should be hiding away from the weather too!

Alpine Challenge 100km Preview

In the ladies, it looks to be a tightly contested race between three:

  • Pamela McCaskie: 2nd at the Feral Pig ultra 50km in 2018, won the Australia Day 100km ultra and 2nd at the Lighthorse 6hr ultra in 2016.
  • Chantele Melchiori: Won the Wilsons Promontory 80 km and was 8th at Bogong to Hotham in 2018.
  • Rosie Catton: 3rd at the Hume & Hovell 100km, 4th at the Bright 50km ultra and 6th at the Razorback 64km in 2018


While in the mens race, my money is on either Baden Chapple or Gary Marwood:

  • Gary Marwood: 2nd at Oscars 100 Hut2Hut, 5th at the Hounslow Classic and 6th at the Buffalo Stampede in 2018.
  • Baden Chapple: 7th at the Hounslow Classic this year, 5th at the Ultra Easy 100km and also at the Hounslow Classic 2017.
  • Mike Manders: 2nd at the You Yangs 100km, 6th at Oscars 100 Hut2Hut and 12th at the Buffalo Stampede in 2018
  • Chris Dalton: 4th at The Tan 100km and 5th at the Launceston 100km in 2018
  • Ingo Ernst: 3rd at the Hume and Hovell 100 miles and 2nd at the Kowen Moonlighter 12h in 2018.


All the best to everyone running, in what is a stunning part of Australia.

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