Weekend Wrap: Ned Kelly Chase; Halloween Howler and Heysen 105

The ultra racing this weekend took place south of the NSW border, with Victoria and South Australia hosting three events between them.

First up, the Ned Kelly chase. It’s a slightly different format of runners chasing each other down to beat the clock. First to cross the line in the 100km event was NSW’s equivalent to Victoria’s Kevin Muller i.e. serial racers, Stephen Redfern, who knocked off the 100km in a speedy 7hrs 57mins. He was followed by the man from Victoria, Kev Muller in 8hrs 16mins with Dan Beard third in 8hrs 40mins.

For the ladies, Nikki Wynd took the honours in 9hrs 24mins, with Pam Muston second in 11hrs 44mins and Jade Crim third in 12hrs 51mins.

In the 50km race, Tia Jones won the ladies in 3hrs 48mins, with John Shaw winning the mens race in 3hrs 34mins. Amelia Griffith was second in the ladies in 4hrs 3mins, with Kahlia Cossetto third in 4hrs 34mins. Finishing the men’s podium was Andrew Ross in second place in 3hrs 59mins and Nick Creek third in 4hrs 3mins.

Moving across to the Halloween Howler in Victoria way, Mal Gamble was the clear winner in the 50km event in 3hrs 5mins, with Nicole Vaughan winning the ladies in 4hrs 49mins. Second in the mens was Wayne Terrington in 4hrs 33mins and third was Paul Spencer in 5hrs 8mins. No other finishers in the ladies 50km.

Back to South Australia and the Heysen 105km – we’re still awaiting provisional results from that race, so will update as and when they are posted.

Image credit: Andy Hewat

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