Race Preview: Nerang 100 mile

Nerang 100

Last week, we featured a preview of Australia’s first 200 mile event, the Nerang 200, which you can read here. Today we feature the Nerang 100 mile field, which while small is perfectly formed. Here’s the low down on the runners for this weekend’s extravaganza.

This year sees a big increase in the number of women taking on the 100 mile race, which is great to see for the future growth of this type of distance. Congratulations to all for accepting the challenge and thanks to Seivland Poh for showing the way who was the 1st female Nerang 100 miler, 2017.

Ladies Nerang 100 mile preview

Stephanie Awiszus Qld
Stephanie’s ultra career commenced in 2012 and she has raced 16 ultras for a total of 1137
kms. Her races include Canberra 50 kms, Caboolture 6 hour, Gold Coast 50 miler (2nd), Run
Larapinta, Glasshouse 50kms, Yurrebilla, Nerang 50 kms 2017 (2nd), Blackall 100, Alpine
Challenge 100, Tarawera 85, Wildhorse Criterium, Convicts and Wenches, UTA100, BVRT50,
Flinders Tour and Kuranda to Port Douglas. That is a fair array of races and Stephanie is
bound to do well.

Kirsty Baker Qld 
Kirsty is a relative newcomer to ultra running. She has contested 4 x 50 kms events, 3 in 2017 and one in 2018. This is a big step-up and Kirsty is to be applauded for taking on the challenge.

Debbie Gilchrist Qld
Debbie’s ultra career commenced in 2015 and she has contested 8 events for a total of 445
kms. These include Coastal High 50 (3), Numinbah to Pollys, Nerang 100 (2nd), Nerang 50,
Blackall 50 and Six Foot Track. Debbie is doing this run to commemorate her brother in law
whom she lost to cancer recently and is using it as a fund raiser for Cancer Council Qld. We
applaud you and wish you well.

Alisha Kennedy Qld
No data available.

Kris Ryan GBR
Kris contested a 24 hour race in GBR in 2017 (185 kms) and the UTA100 in 2018.

Amy Strong Qld 
Amy is a relative newcomer to the sport but won the 100 kms here last year and placed 2nd
in the Waterfall Creek 50 earlier this year. She looks destined for big things.

Men’s Nerang 100 mile preview

Thomas Beedles Qld 
Thomas commenced his ultra career in 2014 and has contested 10 events for a total of 546
kms. His races include Flinders Tour, Coastal High 50 (3), Numinbah to Pollys, Nerang 50,
Nerang 100 (2016, 2nd), Washpool, Six Foot Track and Freedom 50. This is a decent step-up
but we expect Thomas to do well.

Chris Herrington Qld
No information available.

Gaku Ishida JPN
Although a Japanese citizen, Gaku lives in Singapore. His ultra career commenced in 2015
and he has contested 7 events for a total of 725 kms. These have been in USA, Cambodia,
Hong Kong (2), Taiwan and Australia (2). Most have been of 100 kms and one of 100 miles.
He is obviously an experienced campaigner and looking to do well here.

Donal Kelly Qld
Donal ran his first ultra, the GC50 in December 2016. In 2017 he tackled Hares & Hounds 50 and the GC100. In 2018 he has run Hares & Hounds, Caboolture 12 hour, Waterfall 50 and the Glasshouse 100 kms.

Brett Kettle Qld
Brett’s ultra career commenced in 2012 and he has contested 11 events for a total of 697
kms. His events include GC50 (4), Caboolture 6 hour, Caboolture 12 hour, Wild Horse, UTA
(2) and Hares & Hounds (2). Another experienced campaigner and expected to go well.

Terence Lim SIN
Terence’ career commenced in 2012 and he has contested 11 events covering a total of 1102 kms. His events have been in Singapore (5), Hong Kong (3), Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. His best performance was a win in the 168 kms Peak to Peak in Singapore in 2014. Bound to go well here.

Mark Rattray NSW
No data available.

Isaac Scaysbrook Qld
Isaac’s ultra career commenced in 2015 and he has contested 6 events for a total 400 kms. The
events are 4 x Coastal High 50’s and 2 x UTA100’s. This is a decent step-up and we applaud you for
taking the challenge.

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