Weekend Wrap: Hounslow Classic, WTF, Yurrebillia

There was plenty of racing happening this past weekend, with three big ultras across three different States. Over in Western Australia, the WTF 100 & 50 milers took place with some big runs in both female and male races. Here in NSW, the extremely tough Hounslow Classic saw runners tackle either the 68km or 21km races across the weekend and in some cases, the double for a few runners.

While down in South Australia, the ever-popular Yurrebilla 56km ultra was on.

Starting at the Hounslow Classic… (note times will be added when known – for now, these have been collected based on Interweb searching)

In the ultra a stellar line took their starting orders in both the men’s and ladies fields. Blake Turner snuck under the Ultra168 computer radar with a fine win in the men’s race in a time of 9:05. Marty Keyes  was second in 9:37 and Grant Brisbin third.

In the ladies ultra race, Blue Mountains local Lou Clifton took all before her with a fine win, while Penny Deacon was second and Emily Gilmour-Walsh third.

In the 21km event:

Ladies: 1st Maeve Kennedy, 2nd Sarah-Jayne Miller and 3rd Monika Holmwood

Men: 1st Dave Byrne (2:09), 2nd Jody Wall and 3rd Ryan Lowe

(Note, times to be added when known)

WTF 100 and 50 milers

Over in WA it was the sixth running of the WTF 100 & 50 milers, which saw both the ladies and mens course records broken.

NSW bandit-runner, Stephen Redfern ran out in front all day long to set a massive new men’s record in a time of 16:45, beating the previous best from another NSW imposter, Ewan Horsburgh by 52 mins. Sergio Gustinetti was 2nd in a time of 19.16.

In the ladies, Angelique Plaire set a new course record in a storming time of 19.04, securing the second quickest time of the day.  Jen Millum was 2nd in 20.44.

(Note both third place-getters will be added when known)

Yurrebillia 56km

And finally, down in South Australia, the Yurrebilla 56kms, one of the most populars ultras on the calendar down there took place:

Ladies: Elisa Jeffrey (5:49); Zoe Leeming (5:58); Crystal Lyons (6:08)

Men: John Csongei (5:12), Scott Ranford (5:29); Ben Plush (5:33)



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