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Ultra168 is launching a new way for readers to interact and support the ongoing running of the website – Patreon. You might be already be familiar with Patreon through a number of other websites, but in short, it’s a platform built to help you support creative projects with monthly pledges.

As many of you will know and appreciate, thousands and thousands of hours have gone into making Ultra168 what it is today. As the cornerstone for ultra and trail running coverage, reporting and insights in Australia & New Zealand, Ultra168 has brought readers over 1,000 articles in the last seven years – and all for free. I do it simply because it’s a passion.

The sentiment behind Ultra168 has always remained the same, written by runners for runners. You’re the only person I answer to and you’re always at the forefront of every article written. This formula has seen Ultra168 uniquely standout as one of the truly independent sources of ultra running coverage around the world. No puff or crap.

That will continue, nothing changes there. But as a thank-you to those of you who really love what we do, we’ve created something a little extra that we hope you will support through Patreon.

There are a number of different ways to support Ultra168 on Patreon. This ranges from a simple gesture of a $1 a month to let us know you think that what we’re doing is great – that’s awesome. Or by larger donation, which will see some exclusive content and offers come your way.

For a look at what those are, click here to access our Patreon page. The different tiers include a range of items with your pledges such as reusable coffee cups and t-shirts to thank you for your support, through to exclusive content from a selected panel of experts.

One of those tiers of support where you can access exclusive content is Ultra168 ‘Insiders’. This gives you exclusive access (ahead of general release) to insightful articles about racing, training and nutrition each month from some of the leading coaches and running experts around – The plan is to post around two to three articles a week in this newly created section before they are released a number of weeks after.

Check out the list of coaches, experts and nutritionists here.

Here’s what you can expect to see on the Ultra168 Insiders page


Ultra168 Insiders will also gain access to a number of discounts and deals with leading running stores and some select races too, just to sweeten the deal.

Importantly however, I want to reassure you that the website will always remain a free resource for everyone and anyone who wishes to use it. I will continue to bring readers the race previews, reports, training and racing insights in an ever expanding sport and I hope you also feel it’s important to help support us.

AND, as a bit of a sneak preview of the type of content you can expect, I’ll be releasing four articles over the next four days from our experts to give you a taster of what you can expect.

Why is Ultra168 using Patreon?

Over the last seven years, Ultra168 has been at the forefront of the growth of trail and ultra running in Australia, and to a lesser extent, New Zealand 🙂 In that time, we’ve brought you:

  • Insight – Over 1,000 articles covering everything from race previews, through to gear reviews, training, nutrition and racing tips from some of our country’s leading experts
  • Truly independent – I also pride ourselves on being truly independent, barely taking any advertising from brands, which means we can say what we want. The reader is whom the website answers too. I’m also particularly proud of the stance we take on social issues and supporting the growth of women and diversity in our sport.
  • Community – I welcome comment and opinion from many different corners of our sport. The ethos around Ultra168 is community. It’s a core value of the website reflected in the way I live my own life too. I’m of the belief that if you look after people, they will look after you too.

Why does Ultra168 need your support?

  • Investment – As the sport of ultra and trail running grew, so to did the demands on my time with a plethora of races, gear and in some cases, egos to cover 🙂 What started out as a band of four mates running a website is now just myself and the kind offers of help from a number of fellow writers too. I have a day job and while Ultra168 is a passion, many of the costs of running a website, not to mention paying writers comes out of my own back pocket. My wife would give me daggers if she knew how much I’d spent on this thing – good job she doesn’t read this!
  • Pay people – While this is a passion, I would genuinely love to take Ultra168 to the next level. That means better technology to run the website and pay professionals to actually do that job instead of myself learning IT support on the job so to speak. It also means the ability to write more articles and pay writers to assist with that. Many help me out at extremely low rates or simply for the love of it – they are kind souls and I’d like to pay them more.
  • Global – While this one is a fair way off, I’d love to bring Aussies and Kiwis more insights from across the world. That means paying writers to be able to do so and in many respects, becomes recognised as a truly global, respected and professional resource.


If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading. And, if you feel so inclined to help Ultra168, please so consider our Patreon page by clicking here. Thanks once again to everyone who reads, comments and plays a part in the Ultra168 community.

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