Race Previews – Wilsons Prom 100km and 60km

wilsons prom

This weekend sees the running of the Wilsons Prom ultras, with a number of distances on offer ranging from 44km up to 100km. Set in the Wilsons Promontory National Park, word on the street is that this race is a bit of a stunner on what is the southern most tip of mainland Australia. Overall, there are three races, the 100km, 60km and 44km, each following a big loop (and then some for the longer distances) around the beautiful national park area.

Here’s the run down of potentials for the 100km and 60km races – apologies for not covering the 44km – time not on my side with some other work priorities:

100km (women and men)

  • Dan Beard – 3rd at Razorback 2018; 2nd Alpine Challenge 100 miler 2017; 1st at Wilsons Prom 2017; 4th GOW 2017
  • Jacqui Clark – 2nd at WTF 100 miler 2016; 7th Lumberjack ultra 2018
  • Matthew Hosking – 3rd You Yangs 100 miler 2014; 4th Wilsons Prom 2015
  • Trevor Murray – 5th Wilsons Prom 2017; 7th Alpine 100km 2017
  • Regan Welburn – 5th Wilsons Prom 2016; 2nd Duncan’s run 2017; 6th Surf Coast Century 2015
  • Shane Wheeler – 1st Duncan’s run 50km 2016; 4th Wilsons Prom 100km 2016; 5th Wilsons Prom 60km 2017


wilsons prom
Photo credit: Velta Fellowes

60km (women and men)

  • Simon Angus – 1st Wilsons Prom 2016, 2nd Wilsons Prom 2017
  • Paul Day – 5th Duncan’s run 50km 2018; 5th GSER 50 miler 2017; 4th Berry Long Run 2016
  • Nathan O’Sullivan – 4th Wilsons Prom 2017; 7th You Yangs 50km 2017
  • Jenny Richards – 7th Duncan’s Run 50km 2018
  • Stephanie Wiegner – 6th Alpine Challenge 2017
  • Charis Wall – 7th Mount Buller Skyrun 2018
  • Kym Lau – 3rd Wilson Prom 60km 2017; 4th Mount Buller Skyrun 2017


All the best to everyone running this year in what are record numbers for the event.

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