Weekend Wrap: Buffalo Stampede

Buffalo Stampede

This weekend just gone saw an epic Buffalo Stampede, where the weather is usually reserved for baking sunshine and sticky temperatures. Instead, it was almost sub zero conditions, river bed like creeks flowing down mountains and even snow. In short, it was crazy out there by all accounts, so much so that the decision was made to halt the ultra event on the Saturday around 3:30pm because conditions were becoming so hazardous.

In the two main races, the ultra and the marathon (reduced by 4kms), Lucy Bartholomew (10hrs 37mins) and Steph Auston (4hrs 16mins) won their ladies races respectively. While in the men’s race, Martin Kern continued his awesome form with a win in the ultra in 8hrs 55mins and Dominic Perry a win in the marathon in 3hrs 44mins.

For the rest of the podiums:

Female ultra 

2nd – Christine Hopkins in 11hrs 44mins

3rd –  Maureen Stachowicz in 12hrs 3mins

Men’s ultra

2nd – Ryan Lowe in 9hrs 45mins

3rd – Ross Hopkins in 9hrs 56mins

Female Marathon

2nd – Sarah-Jayne Miller in 4hrs 25mins

3rd – Jessica Collins in 4hrs 34mins

Men’s Marathon

2nd – Ashley Hoffmann in 3hrs 46mins

3rd – Nic Fisher in 3hrs 59mins

Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam

Also a special mention to the Grand Slammers. These guys and gals tackled all three races, which comprised of the 20km Friday, 75km ultra on Saturday and the 42km marathon on the Sunday.

In the ladies, Amy Lamprecht was the sole female survivor with a combined time of 20hrs 52mins. While in the men’s Slam, Yoann Mornet reigned supreme with a combined overall time of 17hrs 30mins. Second was Grant Brisbin in 18hrs 14mins and third was Andrew Hough in 18hrs 41mins – I wonder how much gear each of the slammers went through over the course of the weekend?

Congrats to all who attempted any race over the weekend in the awesomely miserable weather.

And finally…

Some bullshittery that needs to be called out in a Facebook post (now amended) from Skyrunning ANZ.


Focus on your remit (reminder here), not the individual race decisions of athletes.



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