Canberra 48hr Race Preview

The second in our race previews today comes in the form of a very race from Northburn, the flat track Canberra 48hr, which has grown under the very able reins of Billy Pierce. The current course record stands at a mind-blowing 413kms, set by one of our finest track runners, Mick Thwaites. There’s no Mick in the 48hr this year, but there are a cast of very fine men and women taking on the challenge, which starts tomorrow.

A big thanks to Annabel Hepworth for pulling together the information for this. All PR’s are for 48 hrs unless indicated otherwise and are stated in km/miles.

Ladies 48hr

  • Nikki Wynd: 45 VIC, PR 343km / 213mi; won this one in 2016, won Badwater in 2015
  • Cheryl Symons: 48 VIC, PR 313km / 195mi, won Jackpot 48 in Las Vegas a few weeks ago
  • Sabina Hamaty: 49 NSW, PR 310.5km / 192mi; won Caboolture HV in 2016
  • Annabel Hepworth: 45 NSW, PR 301.5km / 187.3mi; been raiding American venues like a Viking, winning Icarus 72 in November and ATY 6-Day in January

Men 48hr

  • Kevin Muller: 48 VIC, PR 407.5km / 253mi; won the CBR 24 last year with 227.7/141
  • William Sichel: 65 SCT, PR 344.2km / 213mi; so many records that he is pursuing the WR for records
  • John Pearson: 46 QLD, PR 340.1km / 211mi; won the Caboolture HV 48 in 2014
  • Norio Ito: 69 JPN, PR 323km / 200.7mi; perennial #1 in his age group.
  • Chung-fai Wu: 47 HKG, PR 308.9km / 192mi
  • Jimmie Barnes (not the singer!): 79 USA, PR 259km / 161mi, world’s best all-time for 48 hrs in the 75 yr AG
  • Luke Mulley: 37 NSW, PR for 24hrs 169.2km / 105mi;


In the 24 hour event, there are some massive names that jump out from the starters list that include:

  • Matthew Eckford: Numerous times an Aussie rep over the 24hr race format.
  • Stephen Redfern: Mr. Versatile across pretty much any form of running event be it trail or track. Recently finished joint second place at the GSER100miler last year, as well as being a 220km+ man on the track
  • Mick Thwaites: No introduction needed for this man. Current CBR 48hr record holder. Will be going for a big total here surely
  • Luca Turrini: The current 24hr treadmill world record holder with 261kms (read that again… a world record holder), won the Narrabeen 12hr Allnighter recently too with a huge total. Massive contender for the win here.

Look out for Linda Christison too in the ladies, third here at the Canberra 48hr last year.

In the 12 hour event, Barry Loveday goes again. He’s a phenomenal runner with a 257km PB for 24hrs and 149kms for 12 hours. Also look out for Tia Jones in the ladies 12 hour.

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend in the nation’s capital.

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