Gear Review: Women’s Compressport Pirate 3/4 Trail Running Tights

We welcome back to the pages one of our supporters who this week reviews some Compressport Pirate 3/4 ladies trail running tights. Eemon Marstella put the tights through their paces over a couple of months and also wore them at the Hounslow Classic last year too. Here’s her take on the swag.

Similar to the hydration pack, the Compressport Pirate 3/4 ladies trail running tights fabric is incredible. I was interested to try the ladies style (I’ve a pair of the men’s) as I’ve never seen anyone out and about in them. These tights are light and breathable with a great compression gradient throughout the tights (medical grade compression it says). They are on the fine side in terms of fabric however I have only had one tiny pull(thanks lawyer vine) in around 20 wears whacking through some dense vegetation, so they hold up a lot better than anticipated (hand wash and air dry).

The fit is snug on these Compressport Pirate 3/4 ladies trail running tights, and seam free: nobody has time for chafing! If like me you’re on the tall to very tall side you may find the men’s style will fit better in terms of length vs. where the waist band sits. Wearing them slogging up and down the ‘undulating’ Grose Valley definitely helped my legs- I consistently pulled up well the next day after long sessions with lots of climbing and descending. Grippy dots on the top of the thighs are handy when you want to use your arms to get your hill hike on or up some chunky stairs.

Compressport Pirate 3/4 ladies trail running tights

The high waistband has silicon grip on the inside to make it stay up (the waist slid down a little for me however I put this down to not being able to get enough length from the tights to fit my limbs as my men’s pair stay up just fine). It’s nice to have a little bit of support around the lower back, so this thick waistband works for me. It can sometimes fold over itself if you’re grunting up a climb but it never made things uncomfortable. The pockets in the waist band are really handy for the trail essentials like Chapstick and gels, the back waist pocket will hold an iphone for when you want to stop for a selfie. These tights can be transparent during climbing, especially if you choose to go commando underneath! Which is probably why a few people tend to wear shorts or skirts over them (I apologise to everyone behind me during the Hounslow Classic who got more than their entry fee).

I’ve never felt hot wearing these tights, so again Compressport have nailed the breathability. My legs loved feeling snug in the graded compression and, and it was nice to have a little more support around the knee. The ladies style is much more flattering as it ends below the knee, so for those among us looking to bring some style to the trails these tights will keep you (and your legs) happy.

Thanks to Compressport for the opportunity to trial this gear.

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