Weekend Wrap: Yurrebilla, Brisbane track ultra, WTF100, Sri Chinmoy ultra

There were a fair few races taking place this past weekend, so let’s dive into some of the results to keep us ultra nerds abreast of what’s been happening across the country in the world of ultras. The good news is that we have results from across four different states, so plenty to keep up with.

Yurrebilla 56kms – South Australia

Down in South Australia, the very popular Yurrebilla 56km trail ultra is first up on our list with nearly 500 runners taking part – a massive credit to the organisers.

Andrew Hough took out the win in a time of 4hrs 56mins. Behind him in second was David Turnbull in 5hrs 3mins and in third was Oowan Davies in 5hrs 16mins.

In the ladies event, Kazumi Kuwata won in a time of 5hrs 35mins, with Rachael Tucker second in 5hs 41mins and Sonja Jansen third in 5hrs 47mins.

Brisbane Track ultra – Queensland

In the 24hr race, Isobel Ross and Matt Fitzgerald took out the honours in the ladies and mens races – but just note the overall results too if you will – well done ladies.


  1. Isobel Ross – 198kms
  2. Annabel Hepworth – 175kms
  3. Sabina Hamaty – 172kms


  1. Matt Fitzgerald – 169kms
  2. Carl Schodde – 145kms
  3. Christopher Knowles 124kms


In the 12hrs, Barry Loveday scored the win for the men with 123kms, with Lynn Braham winning the ladies with 92kms.

WTF100s – Western Australia

Over in Western Australia, it was the Waterous trail by Foot (WTF) 100s, with Keith Holt winning the men’s race in a time of 19hrs 11mins and Margie Hadley doing the ladies proud with a time of 19hrs 57mins.

Sri Chinmoy 104km Ultra – Canberra

Finally, in our nation’s capital, the Sri Chinmoy trail ultra took place. The interesting thing about this race is they add one kilometre onto the distance each other… should make for an interesting race as time passes!

In the men’s race, Joseph Hughes won in a time of 11hrs and 11mins with Geoffrey Isbister second in 11hrs 45mins and Adam Huttner-Koros third in 11hrs 57mins. In the ladies event, Katy Anderson won in 12hrs 24mins, with Pam Muston second in 13hrs 51mins and Paula Gaudry third in 15hrs 21mins.

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