Weekend Wrap: GNW, Surf Coast and Glasshouse

It was an action packed weekend of racing in three states, with the Surf Coast Century down in Victoria, the Great North Walk 100s in New South Wales and the Glasshouse 100s up in Queensland.

Starting at the Surf Coast Century and it was some familiar faces that took the honours across both the 100km and 50km events. Ross Hopkins (8:43) won the men’s race in 8hrs 43mins, with Kyle Woods winning the ladies race in 10hrs 5mins. It was a frenetic start by all accounts with favourite Francesco Ciancio dropping at the halfway point to leave the race wide open. Ross, who regularly features at the pointy end of this fast 100km managed to keep grinding away to take out the win.

First-time 100km-runner Joosep Tammamae of Estonia finished runner-up in 8hrs 56mins, and Ryan Cross took third in 9hrs 8mins.

In what was her second appearance at the Surf Coast Century, Kylie Woods maintained her lead throughout to win in 10 hrs 5 mins, 12 minutes ahead of Nicole Paton (10:17) and International runner Angélique Plaire of Noumea rounded out the women’s podium in 10hrs 23mins.

For the second year running, Steph Austin won the Surf Coast 50kms in 4hrs 16mins, on what was a new course, taking in the back half of the 100km, instead of the usual front half, which made for slower times with the increase in elevation profile. In the men’s race, Simon Neale was victorious in 4hrs 44mins.


Moving north and up to the sunnier climes of the Glasshouse Mountains, it was local favourite Kieran O’Brien and Dave Waugh who finished joint first in the 100 miler in a time of 18hrs 42mins. Kieran led the race for much of the day, but was caught by Dave in the final throes of the race, where they decided to call it a draw and cross the line together.

In the ladies miler, Suzanne Chatterton won in a time of 26hrs 21mins. In the 100kms, William Wragg won in a time of 12hrs 35mins with  Jaimi Greenslade winning the ladies 100km in 15hrs 23mins.

Great North Walk 100 

Lou Clifton and Vlad Shatrov, GNW100km winner

Finally, back to New South Wales and some quality talent packed it’s way around the new course that was hastily put together with days to go due to bushfires at Heaton Gap near Checkpoint 1.

In the men’s miler, Brendan Davies returned to take his second win on this course in a time of 19hrs 37mins*, with Michaela McDonald winning the ladies in 26hrs 27mins*.

In the 100km event, Vlad Shatrov won in 9hrs 54mins*, with Lou Clifton winning the ladies in 11hrs 7mins*.

*Times are provisional and liable to change/checking as they are taken from the progress times datasheet.


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