Weekend Wrap: Comrades; Mount Solitary; Mount Macedon


It was a busy weekend of running both at home and overseas, and we’ll start with what is probably regarded as the biggest ultra running event on the planet, Comrades, which took place over in South Africa yesterday.

Comrades ‘Uphill’ Year

There was plenty of Australian representation on course at comrades in what was an uphill year, with a number of our guys and girls performing extremely well. In total, a massive 173 Aussies made the trip over.

Top of the list was Ballarat runner, Ash Watson who managed to secure an outstanding 25th place overall in a time of 6hrs and 6mins. I personally don’t know too much about Ash, but I do know he trains with a fine stable of runners down Victoria way, including the likes of Julian Spence, whom we do know a fair bit about. Some exciting things happening out of that stable of runners.

Brendan sporting a stunning moustache, along with a couple of medals he picked up somewhere 🙂

Not far behind him was our Aussie 100km Captain, Brendan Davies who managed to bag 50th place in a time of 6hrs and 21 mins. That makes it a fine double for Brendan, who last year secured 19th place I believe.

Australian Dubai resident, Tia Jones had an outstanding comrades race to finish 30th woman overall and also second in her age group too in a time of 7hrs and 56mins.

David Von Senden from North Queensland won the Men 60+ age category in a time 7hrs and 52mins, what a performance! Also in the same age category was Ron Peters, who finished 10th in the male 60+ in a tie of 8hrs and 53mins.

In the male 50+ category, Jono Worswick managed to bag a top 10 place too, running 7hrs 19mins. Pamela Williams also managed to bag a 19th place in her 60+ female category too in a time of 11hrs and 39mins.

Mount Solitary Ultra (45kms)

A little closer to home and the delayed Mount Solitary Ultra took place yesterday too, with a number of runners returning to the Blue Mountains just two after having run UTA. In fact, all three of the ladies podium yesterday ran the 100km at UTA. Lou Clifton (3rd at UTA100) took the spoils in a time of 5hrs 36mins, with Robyn Bruins (4th at UTA100) second in 5hrs 42mins and Gill Fowler (7th at UTA100) in third in 5hrs 50mins. Fine backing up from the ladies.

In the men’s race, Blackheath local lad Locky Kennedy won by a pretty large margin in a time of 4hrs 44mins with Morgan Lindqvist in second in 5hrs 7mins and Roderick Chisholm just behind him in 5hrs 9mins.

The sun shines at Mount Macedon

Mount Macedon Ultra (50kms)

Down Victoria way, it was an unseasonably sunny, clear blue sky Mount Macedon that headlined the show, with a new course record from Anders Hansen in a time of 4hrs 51mins, followed by Oowan Davies in 5hrs 2mins and Ross Hopkins in 5hrs 9mins.

In the ladies, Nicole Paton scored the win in a time of 6hrs 4mins. Katherine Mcmillan was second in 6hrs 28mins and Amelia Griffith third in 6hrs 47mins.

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