Win a Bogong to Hotham Entry

The first big ultra of the year is upon us this weekend in the form of Bogong to Hotham and the Ultra168 preview will be out in a few days. In it you’ll find some big hitters of Aussie ultra mountain running taking the field.

So how do you fancy joining them?

UPDATE: We’ve got a free entry We’ve got two entries (male and female, any distance) to give away into this highly prestigious race available for one lucky reader – all you have to do indicate your interest in the form below and prove your fitness (see entry requirements here) for what is one of the best mountain races in Australia.

Bogong to Hotham starts just outside the beautiful village of Mount Beauty, travels over the highest peak in Victoria, Mount Bogong, before dipping deep into the valley below and then rising for some stunning running along the high plains towards Mount Hotham for those in for the 64kms. If you just fancy going halfway to Mountain Creek (35kms), then that’s totally cool, so is the 29km option of stopping at Langford Gap.

As many of you will know, Bogong to Hotham is a serious undertaking with over 3,500m of climbing in the 64km race and over 2,000m in both the 29km and 34km options too. If you’re interested in winning a free entry, you have to prove your fitness. As such, the winner will be chosen at the discretion of Ultra168 and in conjunction with the race director based upon their experience and suitability.

The only thing you have to do is:

a.) Get yourself to the start line

b.) Pay for your bus fare back from where you finish to the start

If you’re game for a run this weekend, simply fill in the form below and the winner will be notified this time tomorrow night (10pm) – that’s it, just 24 hours to register your interest!

[si-contact-form form=’3′]

Terms and conditions

  • The runner must be suitably qualified to race according to the race entry requirements
  • The final decision will be made by Ultra168 based upon the runner’s experience and suitability to race B2H
  • The runner must fund their own travel and accommodation
  • The runner must pay for the return bus fare from their finish point to the start line (cost $35)
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