Jono O’Loughlin Video – Trail World Championships

After hearing from Kellie Emmerson yesterday, the roving reporter / joint Aussie team captain, Brendan Davies is at it again, this time interviewing Aussie rep debutant, Jono O’Loughlin. Despite racing now for nearly ten years, this is Jono’s first stab at a World Champs where he’ll be looking to do the Aussie colours proud. One thing’s for sure, he’s got his post-race nutrition sorted out in the bar.

Jono is best known for his performances at UTA (The North Face), where he’s raced every single one, with next year being his tenth and he’s finished inside the top ten of every one, bar one. That’s a pretty phenomenal record when you think of the calibre of runners that have attended the event over the years. I for one am looking forward to a good hard summer of training with this lad as we both build towards UTA in May.

Thanks again to Brendan for allowing us to share the video.

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