RACES: Beach to Brother and Asian Skyrunning Champs

There’s a couple of races on the horizon that Ultra168 readers and members might be interested in, and with a special discount for Ultra168 Supporters (watch out for an email shortly if you’re a supporter!).

Beach to Brother

The Beach to Brother Marathon is just one of a few distances offered on Sunday 25th September 2016.  Also on offer is a Team Marathon Challenge, a Half-Marathon distance event, and a 10km distance event.  All of these distances are based on the beautiful Mid-North Coast of NSW, starting in various locations along the marathon route, but all finishing atop North Brother Mountain – one of the most scenic lookouts on the North Coast, located in Dooragan National Park, Laurieton. Both the individual and team marathon events start at Town Beach, Port Macquarie; the half-marathon starts at Lake Cathie Beach; and the 10km event starts at Camden Haven Beach.

The courses have been designed by long-time runner Michael Maher to provide a similar challenge to races such as the Six-Foot Track Marathon, the Coastal Classic, Rafferty’s Resort Run, and the Ultra Trail Australia 50k. Given his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, from participating in such events, he has ensured the three distances all offer a challenge to every runner. The runs all encompass beautiful beaches, coastal paths and trails, and a horrendous hill from hell at the end! The three distances on offer all provide both mental and physical challenges in amongst some of the most beautiful and scenic coastline the Mid-North Coast has to offer. Check out the video below for some footage as to what you can expect.

There’s also rumours that there will be an out and back option for people next year, so an 85km race – now that’s got me thinking! As mentioned, if you’re an Ultra168 Supporter, there will be an email coming your way soon with details about a 10% discount for this race. So if you’ve been left high and dry by the cancellation of the Coastal Classic, then as an Ultra168 Supporter you can have a crack at this for a discounted rate.

Lantau 50 Ultra Skymarathon

For those of you based over in Hong Kong, or if you just fancy a trip over to what I think is one of the best cities in the world, then the Lantau 50km skyrace has been officially named as the Asia host of the 2016 continental skyrunning champs on December 4th.
This course is a real brute of a race with over 3,400m of elevation over just 50kms. That’s almost the same at UTA, but with half the distance! Last year French lover of wine, Francois D’Haene won the 50km race, which this year will feature over 100 international runners from 22 different countries.
If you’re interested in rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s best skyrunners and fancy a really technical race, then check it out here.
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