Run Larapinta Stage is Set

Run Larapinta is part of the Ultra168 Supporters Club set of races and tomorrow, this race kicks off in style as runners from across Australia and overseas make their way to Central Australia for the start of the 4-day, 4-stage race along the most spectacular sections of the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.

All the action of the two main events, the longer course Malbunka and the shorter course Namatjira begins Friday 12th August with a twilight night race and continues through to Monday 15th August.

Runners will make their way through 20-45km stages and 11-30km respectively in the two course distance options over the four days.

Run Larapinta has become a drawcard for runners both recreational and elite; in 2015 Shona Stephenson won the Malbunka (Long Course), and this year Oceania Skyrunning champion Hanny Allston will be amongst some of the names to grace the start line.

Weather forecasts of sunny skies and temperatures reaching the mid to high 20’s for the duration of the event that begins in Alice Springs means the going will be warm, but cool mornings and evenings will provide the perfect respite for a hot day on the trails.

Adventure Sports Event Management company Rapid Ascent General Manager Sam Maffett said he was excited heading into the second edition of Run Larapinta.


“Trail running is just continually growing in popularity wherever you look, it’s just awesome. The trails offer runners of all abilities variety and challenges that typical road and track racing can’t,” Maffet said.

The quality of the running along the Larapinta Trail, combined with the incredible setting in Australia’s Red Centre, the friendly camaraderie amongst runners and the awe of the outback offers competitors an extraordinary event experience.Paul_Munro_2

“Running Namatjira last year was truly amazing, with incredibly varied and stunning scenery, a real sense of adventure , great camaraderie on the track which turned into ongoing friendship in some cases and the usual friendly and efficient Rapid Ascent organisation,” said Laurent Rossignol, 2015 Run Larapinta Short Course champion, “Winning was totally unexpected.”

“I have been really looking forward to this year’s run, but I will be happy just crossing the line by the river in Glen Helen on the final day, as I have been overcoming an injury.”

The Larapinta Trail is one of Australia’s most remarkable walking trails and trekking experiences as it traverses an iconic 223km route from the Historic Telegraph Station at Alice Springs to the lofty summit of Mt Sonder in the MacDonnell Ranges.

The trail is quickly emerging as one of Australia’s most popular and renowned treks and is well recognised internationally with travellers coming from overseas to experience one of Central Australia’s most unique and spectacular attractions.

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