Reader Survey: Drugs in Ultrarunning – Year Two

A year ago we ran a study looking at drugs in ultrarunning and sadly, the issue has arisen again with the announcement that Gonzalo Calisto, who placed fifth at UTMB last year has been disqualified from the event and banned for two years after it was found he had taken PEDs.

When I first constructed this study and reported upon the findings, there was every intention to run this again to understand any changes as the sport grows. To that end, we’re going to run the study again, which you can find embedded into the article below.

All information collect is strictly anonymous (bar the region you are from) and is not going to be used for any commercial gain whatsoever. All data will be made freely available to anyone who wishes to look at it.

Important to note is that this survey contains only nine questions and is only looking for ‘Yes / No’ answers – not opinion. The study is embedded into the article below and each question will appear once you’ve answered the current one.

We’d love to get as many responses as possible to make this as statistically viable as we can. So if you feel inclined, please do share this to your ultra running friends. Click on the share icons please, it would help us reach as many people as possible.

We’ll keep the survey open for as long as we need to and then write-up an analysis of the results once we feel confident there are good enough numbers to do so.

Thank-you ever so much for your time and consideration.

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