Race Preview: CBR48hr

Tomorrow is the start of CBR.48hr, 24hr, 12hr and 6hr track races and we’d thought we’d get one final preview in before the week is out.

I must admit that I had a fair bit of help for this one from someone who would like to remain anonymous, but I had to call it out as I hate stealing other people’s limelight. So thank-you to the lovely lady that helped pull the vast majority of this preview together and for her insights too.9P5wXvLS

This inaugural event organised by Canberra legend, Billy Pearce and will be hosted at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) in Canberra on a certified 400-metre track. The event is also raising funds for the kilted to kick cancer too, which raises money for prostate cancer, something very close to my own heart too.

Also included is an official 100km  IAU Bronze label race distance within the 12hr event.

All the big name track/road ultra runners are at this race, and we’ll start with the flagship event, 48hr.

Swedish national track star, Torill Fonn has come over to Australia to compete and will give local Aussie girl, Nikki Wynd a good run for her money. Torill is aiming to crack 400km in the 48hrs we hear which would be a phenomenal achievement.

Nikki at Badwater
Nikki at Badwater

But she’ll have her work cut out with Nikki who’s been in fine form in the last few years. As we know she won Badwater, but she also cracked out 221km at Coburg too.

It also brings the usual regulars with Annabel Hepworth, Sabina Hamaty and, Cassie Smith who just keeps going and going!

In the males, there are a few to keep an eye on. Trevor Allen is in tip top shape, as is Mick Thwaites who’s on the come back trail following injury and Matthew Eckford too. They will finish at 12pm on Sunday so, keep an eye on them.

In the 24hr, there are only 3 females entered so, they can battle it out for top podium finish. You have Sarah Fien, Jess Baker and, Cheryl Simons. Over to the males – wow, what a start. So many amazing athletes there, the likes of Justin Scholz, Matt Fitzgerald, Barry Loveday and, a runner from Mongolia!

12hrs females there is Kathryn Austin who has had a cracker of a year. She is trying for a fast 100km and then will hope for the best for the rest of the time. Kristy Lovegrove will give her a run for her money but, I think all eyes are on Kathryn from Rockhampton.

Once again in the men’s, a huge contest is taking shape. John Pearson who won Coast2Kosci last year is in this to win. John was originally competing in the 48hr however, due to some injury hassles, he is doing the 12hr. Dion Finocchiaro and Dan Symonds are in for a podium finish too. Both are going for a fast 100km I believe.

In the 6hr race, hands down female winner will be Kerrie Bremmer. There is nothing stopping this lady and, she is running in her home town. In the men’s, maybe our visitor Eddy from Nigeria could win!

All the best guys and have a great weekend.

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  1. John Pearson is now doing 6 hours and will win along with Kerrie. Agree Kathryn will win the 12 hour. I believe most of the men are looking for a fast 100 km time and will stop at 100 km. Francesco, Dion and Dan. Go Dan! Barry and Jess in the 24. Mick or Matt should win and my money’s on Nikki in the 48.

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