CBR100 Challenge Joins Ultra168 Supporters Club


As we look towards 2016, the Ultra168 Supporters Club continues to grow with the addition of the CBR100 Challenge, a Canberra 100km race that began last year and will see its second running in 2016 on March 5th.

If you’re an Ultra168 Supporter, then you can grab 20% off this race. Early bird discounts finish on Friday, that means you guys can grab $100 off the standard entry price of $260 if you enter before Friday – Run a cracking 100kms for $166.

Or, if you’re still deciding what races to enter next year, the early bird rate will stick with you until late entries kick in on the 8th February next year.

If you haven’t joined the Ultra168 Supporters Club yet, have a gander at this page and see if you’d like to sign up. We have over 20 races on offer as well as deals from numerous brands and stores online.


The CBR100

Initially set-up as more of a walking style of event, this year the race embraces not only walkers and people seeking to get out on the trails, but it’s also catering for the ultra community and the more experienced type of runner.

I also know that Canberra Speedster, Tom Brazier, who recently won the Alpine Challenge 100km this weekend just gone is involved in this race, helping the guys with the course, so it’s sure to be a great race with one of Australia’s leading ultrarunners lending a helping hand too.

The CBR100 saw just under 1,000 runners and walkers enter last year, which for the first year of a race like this is pretty great going. I’m sure with the wider inclusion and catering towards ultra runners, the organisers will smash this number for 2016.

Last year, Canberra speedster, Paul Cuthbert won the race in a blistering 8hrs of so, which tells you this is a fast course, similar to the likes of Glasshouse and the Surf Coast Century. Indeed, it’s very much this latter race that I would liken the CBR100 too.


The great thing about it is its appeal to such a wide cross-section of runners and walkers alike, meaning that people of all abilities can have a go. But there’s also enough to keep the serious ultrarunners interested too. The course weaves in and out of the Canberra bush, as well as passing through some of the capital’s most famous landmarks.

The race has 25km, 50km and 100km options, along also with the option of running a 100km relay in teams of three also. The Ultra168 Supporters discount is across all races, so if you’re not keen on running it all by yourself, grab a few mates!



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