Ultra168 Ultra Runners of the Year 2015 Awards

Brendan Davies a former winner of Ultra168 runner of the year
Brendan Davies a former winner of Ultra168 runner of the year

Is it really only 45 days to Christmas? Seriously, how did that happen? Well, I guess it means that it’s time for our ultra runner of the year awards.

This year we’re doing things a little differently and instead of providing a list of people from which you can choose based on what we think – we’ve left the space blank.

That’s right, you get to nominate your chosen runner. The criteria is simple, we’re basing our awards for the following categories purely on performance i.e. results in 2015:

  • Australian Female and Male Ultra Runners of the Year
  • New Zealand Female and Male Ultra Runners of the Year
  • International Female and Male Ultra Runners of the Year

Finally, we have one other category for each of the three geographies above and that is an award based not on performance but on whatever criteria you like. They may have used their running to raise awareness of a social issue, or have overcome some sort of personal challenge in their life too. In short, it’s based on anything other than performance. We’d love for you to name that person and have a quick sentence explaining why.

Lucy Bartholomew won the ladies ultrarunner of the year award last year

Once all the nominees are in, we’ll total them up and announce the winners in December. Winner’s will be simply the people across all categories with the most amount of entries. Entries are open until the last day of November, so get your votes in quick. You can vote in all categories, or only a few if you don’t want / can’t vote in all of them. So get voting here people. There are no requirements as to where you’re from – this is open globally.

The survey is embedded into the post below, remember to scroll down the survey to reveal all nine categories as right now, you’ll only be able to see six. Fill in the nine, and then press ‘done’ once you’re done!

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  1. Guys and gals, For your votes to count. I need you to enter you nominations into the survey monkey questionnaire that has been imbedded into this post – thank-you. It would also be useful to add in other nominations to other categories as well please. Thank-you.

  2. As mentioned above, you need to vote via the Survey Monkey form that’s been built into this post. Any votes here are just comments and won’t be included in the overall tally. Thanks, Dan

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