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In the first of a number of deals from one of our gear partners, CompresSport, Ultra168 Supporters (‘All In’ and ‘Gear’) can claim a free pair of Pro Racing socks with every calf sleeve purchase they make. But there deals are only on offer to Ultra168 Supporters. If you think this is pretty awesome, along with all the other countless deals we’ve pulled together, and you’re not a member, then you can sign up to become an Ultra168 Supporter here and find out more info or click the green button on the right.

Every three months, CompresSport will be adding a range of 2 for 1 deals such as this, which if you’re big into your CompresSport gear could see you save $100s on their range of running gear. If you’re already an Ultra168 Supporter, just click on your special access link as part of your membership and you can access details of the deal there.

Sock Info

The Pro Racing socks come in a number of different ranges, which you can see here. But the trail version are seamless and without elastic, these do not compress the calf (with no tourniquet effect), thus relieving pressure at the ankle. They also feature reinforced protection and shock absorption with 2 mm of additional protection on the toe piece allows you to approach descents with total confidence.

The special Zebra mesh weave of the toe piece provides optimal ventilation and removal of moisture that can be associated with heat and river crossings… eliminating the risk of irritation and chafing.

If it’s the calf sleeves you’re after (I dub them calf panties rather affectionately!), then there are three different types to choose from, have a look here. Given we’re an ultra running website, I’m sure most people would opt for the Ultra Race and Recovery or Performance calf versions, where every centimetre of fibre in the calf sleeves is loaded with thousands of capsules containing 6 essential oils. That’s the blurb from us, we think they’re pretty awesome products, which is why we’ve teamed up with CompresSport. However we’ll let readers be the judge of that and see for themselves.

Calf Sleeve Info


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