Coastal High 50km Joins Ultra168 Supporters – Save 15% Off Entry

The Coastal High 50kms , a brand-spanking new race up in the Queensland hinterland is the latest race to join the ever-growing Ultra168 Supporters Club, bring the total number of event organisers to eight, with twelve races to save money on.

As an Ultra168 Supporter, you can save 15% off your entry fee into the Coastal High 50, a saving of nearly $30 on standard entry. Over the entire twelve races on offer, there’s saving of around $500 to be made from a simple annual membership fee of $34.99. Plus, if you sign up for full membership, you get a free Ultra168 buff delivered to your door (RRP $10).

Hit the green button below to find out more information about the Ultra168 Supporters membership and what races and gear providers have to offer.


Stunning is the only word you can use for this course
Stunning is the only word you can use for this course

The Coastal High 50km is located in the spectacularly picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland. Traversing the entire length of the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk, the Coastal High 50 includes the best trails that South-East Queensland has to offer.

Starting from O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park, the Coastal High 50 first traverses the well-known Border Track to Binna Burra Lodge, before descending down into the Numinbah Valley and then climbing up (then down, then up!) to finish adjacent to the iconic Purlingbrook Falls in Springbrook National Park.



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