Ultra168 Male Australian Ultra Runner of the Year Awards

It’s that time of year again when we trawl through the results of the year gone by, stick them all in a computer (my head) and then come up with a list of people for you lovely people, the ultra and trail community to vote upon. There’s no appointment by committee deciding these awards, just a bunch of ultra nuts from around Australia voting for their favourites. So feel free to share this high and nigh so that we get a great representation of votes from all Australian ultra runners.

This year we’ll split the award voting into two and then by two again. Today we’re covering off the men and there will be two awards, one for performance of the year and then one for overall ultra runner of the year. We’ll then do the same for the ladies in the next couple of days. We’ll keep the voting lines open for around a week before revealing the final poll results. No prizes here, just a slap on the back for the winners and knowledge and the respect of our community – that’s how we roll.

So without further ado, below are the voting tables for the two male awards – first up is performance of the year and then secondly, your Australian ultra runner of the year. You don’t have to be Australian to vote, you can reside anywhere in the world, all we ask is that you vote considerately and base your judgement on the individual’s performances, not their popularity. It’s worth noting that we’re keeping it pretty tight this year. While there have been plenty of great performances in many events, we’re looking at what we regard as the cut above the rest – the gold standard that we should be aiming for and beyond. Aussie ultra running has moved up a notch this year and it’s these guys (and girls later this week), that are raising the bar.

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