Super Sarah Smashes Sri Chinmoy 3100

Sarah Barnett, 37, from Adelaide has won the world’s longest certified race for the women in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team  in New York.  In the 18 year history of this race, which the New York Times called “The Mount Everest of Ultrarunning” only two Australians have ever finished the race before and both were men.   Sarah is the first Australian female to complete this epic race. Sarah went through 16 pairs of shoes during the race!!!

After 50 days and 3 hours Sarah crossed the finish line nearly 100kms ahead of the two other women (from Russia and Austria) in the race.  In a field of the world’s greatest and most accomplished ultra runners on the planet, Sarah’s performance was the second best performance by a female in the 18 year history of the event.  She averaged 99.460km per day – this is simply phenomenal.

The 3100 Mile Race is held on a 883 metre course around a school perimeter in Queens, New York.  To finish within the 52 day cut off, each runner must run a minimum of 60 miles (96km) a day average, which is 5649 times around the course.  They run from 6am to midnight every day.

Sarah finishing her 3,100 miles in just over 50 days. WOW. (photo Sri Chinmoy)
Sarah finishing her 3,100 miles in just over 50 days. WOW. (photo Sri Chinmoy)

Sarah is not one of those names in our ultra running circles that springs to mind immediately. She’s quiet, unassuming and goes about her business, yet I’d say she is one of Australia’s most accomplished female multi-day race runner, having won events in Morocco, New York, Sweden and Greece amongst many others. There’s always a point of debate as to where this kind of racing ranks on the scale of ultra running. Is say, a fast 100 miler with plenty of mountains such as Hardrock ‘tougher’ than running 100kms a day for 50 days?

The simple answer is that both disciplines have their place in our sport, and both should be respected for their diversity, which is what makes ultra running awesome in my book. On a personal level, this type of racing is not for me (yet!), but I have the most immense respect for those people who do this type of running. I believe the 3100 to be one of the toughest races on the planet, not just because of the physical undertaking, but the mental focus that’s required for 50 days. Completing this type of event is utterly life changing. You’re encapsulated in a bubble for 50 days, running around a block that becomes your sole focus for a month and a half. Some people may call it crazy, I call it immensely disciplined and astounding.

For Sarah, this is her second attempt at the race.  Last year she entered and covered 2573 miles (4,116kms) within the 52 days.  She has been extremely consistent throughout the race averaging 61.70 miles (nearly 99kms per day) and shown tremendous improvement from last year’s attempt.

Sarah comments: “I am so grateful everything has gone well for me in this year’s race.  I can’t actually believe it. I have dreamed of finishing this race for so many years.  It is the toughest, most challenging, relentless task I have ever tackled.  Every day there are so many unimaginable challenges.   All of us runners are in this together.  There is such a special feeling at this race. There is no room for the ego, we are all here as a one family discovering such strength within ourselves.”

The first Aussie lady to finish what I think is one of the two toughest races in the world alongside Barkley
The first Aussie lady to finish what I think is one of the two toughest races in the world alongside Barkley

The late Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher, who was an accomplished musician, artist and champion athlete himself, founded this race.  Sri Chinmoy believed that within each human being there is unlimited potential and goodness.  He is the inspiration behind many world-class running events hosted throughout the world by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

“We are all truly unlimited if only we dare to try and have faith” said Sri Chinmoy.

Sarah went on to say, “We are all, each of us, capable of so much more, but we have to strive to reach our goals.  That is what makes achieving them so glorious.  I hope this achievement inspires others, in whatever it is they love to do, to keep striving and reaching for new goals.”   Sarah said one of her favourite quotes by Race Founder, Sri Chinmoy, was present in her mind through much of the race:

“Always take one more step than you intended to. You can, without fail, do it! Lo, you have done it.”

Sri Chinmoy.

Race director, Rupuntar LaRusso from New York said that Sarah’s performance was truly remarkable.  “She has been incredibly solid, smiley and displayed formidable determination.  Australia can be extremely proud of her.  This is another historic day for the 3100 Mile Race and for women in ultra running.”

The men’s winner, Sarvagata Ukrainskyi, from the Ukraine finished in 45 days.


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  1. Sarah and all the 3100 Mile Runners, past and present, you are true pathfinders. This is no longer about physical capacities, but about something much deeper and an ever-increasingly beautiful manifestation of the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

  2. Really enjoyed the article! Thank you! After reading it I’m really inspired to go for a run, myself! 🙂

    Huge Congratulations are in order for Sarah! Outstanding!

    I’ve been following her and the other runners’ journey on Really inspiring website that!

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