TNF100 Runners Poll

Many of you may know that we run a poll following the North Face 100 that looks at different aspects of gear and brands that people use for the race. This year we’ve changed things up a little and decided to focus more on the decisions you made as a runner in preparation for the race and what aspects you might look to do differently or experienced during the race, whether you ran the 50km or the 100kms – it doesn’t matter!

What we’ll then do following the poll is get some of our residential experts to go through the results with us, culminating in an article that offers further advice and help for you as you prepare for your next ultra, base don what you told us. The data collected for this will only be used to compile the article and not for any other purpose – all we want to do is see how people did and what things we can offer advice upon for next time round. So if you ran TNF100, we’ve outlined a few simple things below that we’d love your feedback on! Thanks for your help and we hope you look forward to the resulting article in the next week or so.

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2 thoughts on “TNF100 Runners Poll

  1. Everything I did was right except for getting injured before the race and trying to run injured. Obviously I failed to finish, but I learnt a heap and my gear, nutrition, etc is working well.

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