Who Will Win TNF100?

Last week, we gave you our preview of the TNF100 for the ladies and mens field. But before race day on Saturday, we thought we’d ask you, our readers whom you thought would take out the prizes in a little poll we’ve put together. We’ve covered the main contenders from both the mens and ladies fields, and would love you to share your vote with us ahead of the big dance. Afterall, what do we know? If you think we’ve got it wrong, vote with your fingers and tell us what you think.

As mentioned, we’ll be up at the race reporting live with plenty of pictures of the leaders as they pass through the checkpoints. We won’t be able to cover everyone racing (there’s too many!), but the race will have tracking as each of the runners passes through the checkpoints.

So go on, cast your vote (one vote for each field) and let us know who you think will take out the ladies and mens race!

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2 thoughts on “Who Will Win TNF100?

    1. Thanks Michael, we have indeed. When compiling the previews, I researched every single runner in wave one of both fields (50&100km), male and female 🙂 Previews take a long time to pull together!

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