The Buffalo Stampede Picture Wrap

As if you didn’t notice, we were down in Bright this weekend covering Australia’s first Sky Race and what a day it was. No-one paid us to go down, we went down purely because this was the most stacked field we’ve seen in an ultra in Australia. If you wanted to test yourself against pretty much the best of the best, then this was the race to do it in. We were also very lucky to have one of the best ultra runners in the world grace our trails too. I don’t say this lightly, and I know this is something he’d never say himself given his humility, but I rank Dakota up there in the top three ultra runners in the world.

It’s fantastic that Sky Running is now officially in Australia, giving people a taster for what it’s like to undertake these kind of races in Europe, the birthplace of SkyRunning. The course was suitably brutal with 4,500m of climbing and the same decent over 75kms, with the last 15kms being a killer apparently! We have a long way to go yet, but the interest and desire is there, as shown through the faces of 350 people who signed up for quad-thrashing vertical.

Given the fact that pretty much everyone who’s read our Facebook page knows what happened in the race, we thought we’d take a different approach and simply post pictures from the day instead. But before we do, special mention must go to Caine Warburton (first Australian male home) and Jacinta O’Neill, overall ladies winner.

Jacinta snuck up from nowhere. I was down at Bogong to Hotham this year where she ran also, and she didn’t feature on the radar at all. But what a race she ran on Saturday. She took it out from the start and she held on right throughout. It was a superb run and after hearing of all the training she’s done for this race, I don’t think anyone deserves that flight to France more than her. If you want a lesson in how to train and execute a race plan – she’s your girl. Her smile is infectious.

I’ve known Caine for a few years now, and he regularly features on our pages here at Ultra168 too. Always a gentleman, a complete grafter and after a few false starts, this win puts him firmly on the map as an Aussie mountain boy. To finish an hour behind Dakota is no small achievement over a brutal 75kms. Make no mistake that Caine ran his heart out and will be highly competitive over in Europe. Like Jacinta, so deserving of his place on the Aussie team.

We hope you enjoyed the coverage and our picture blog too of the weekend’s racing. Looking forward to next year already!

Buffalo Stampede1
Susan Keith almost caught Jacinta, making up 7 minutes in the last 7kms, and finishing just 4 minutes behind.
Buffalo Stampede2
Isobel Bespalov came in fourth looking strong
Buffalo Stampede3
BCR side kick, Matt Bixley ran with a broken something – mainly pride 🙂 Well done Matt – top bloke.
Buffalo Stampede4
This girl is as tough as boots. Tay finished in 16hrs 54mins after it had rained buckets – respect to her for the way she toughs these races out. Oh and she did the Northburn 100 miler a weeks ago too.
Buffalo Stampede5
Ben Duffus – #dontchasedakota #noseriously…don’t
Pic of the day we reckon - all smiles
Pic of the day we reckon – all smiles
Buffalo Stampede6
First Aussie male home – Caine Warburton – seems as though Queensland has some hills afterall 🙂
Buffalo Stampede7
Amadeus Gladbach – We picked this German rocket as a bit of a darkhorse and he didn’t disappoint with an excellent 5th place – this guy will be winning races soon.
Buffalo Stampede8
We’re diggin the finish line celebration from Jacinta, plus the 70s style headband… we think it could catch on.
Buffalo Stampede9
Oh go on then, one more – proud moment
Buffalo Stampede10
Andrew Tuckey had a cracking race – pound for pound the quickest back half runner going around in Australia over the longer stuff we reckon. Watch out TNF100 – serious contender!
Buffalo Stampede11
Great to see this man back after injury – Clarke McClymont will be tearing his wares in Europe later in the year – he’s even become a brand ambassador now too. Who’d have thunk it!
The wonderfully lovely Anna Frost who not only fore-ran 30kms of the ultra course, but then came out and won the marathon the next day too. Nails.
The wonderfully lovely Anna Frost who not only fore-ran 30kms of the ultra course, but then came out and won the marathon the next day too. Nails.
Buffalo Stampede12
Dakota and the obligatory ‘Airport Shades’ – cruising the first 42kms yesterday in 4hrs 20mins – that would have won the marathon as well.
Buffalo Stampede14
Winners are grinners – Dakota crosses the line
Buffalo Stampede15
Ben Duffus reaches the top of Buffalo
Buffalo Stampede16
Blake Hose climbs Buffalo and at this point just 60 seconds behind Ben Duffus – both were to blow a gasket late on in the race
Buffalo Stampede17
Back Country Runner main man, Grant Guise finished fourth overall and just 90 seconds between him and second.
Buffalo Stampede18
Jacinta was first up to Clearspot and never looked back all day
Buffalo Stampede19
Isobel Bespalov reaching Clearspot with the stunning Victorian Alps surrounding her
Buffalo Stampede20
Mick Donges just about to start the Buffalo Walk climb, but his day was to end not soon after this with back trouble… some guys can’t buy a break and Mick is one of them right now. Speedy recovery.
Buffalo Stampede21
Brendan Davies was sure and steady all day. More of a training run for him with Western States just a few months away -Top 10 beckons we think!
Buffalo Stampede22
Wes Gibson had another solid day out
Dakota's 'better half' Reese Ruland on her way to reaching the top of Clearspot
Dakota’s ‘better half’ Reese Ruland on her way to reaching the top of Clearspot

*Declaration of Interest – Marcus Warner, one half of Ultra168 is also the President of Sky Running Australia and New Zealand. He however has not been involved in any editorial decisions as far as covering and reporting upon the Buffalo Stampede is concerned. Those have been undertaken by Dan (the other half) and judged purely on the merit of the race as a news item, given the strength of the field and this being an ‘Australian first’. Dan paid his own way to get to Bright.



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    1. Very kind of you guys… well run Caine… hard lines Ben, Mo and Dave… took one for the team 🙂 See you boys at Glasshouse in a few months.

    1. Hey Martin. Happy to pay my own way – I don’t expect anything from anyone. They are the principles that Ultra168 is built upon. We always have and will declare any interests or when things have been given to us for free. It’s a huge part of our ethos to be 100% transparent. I had a race entry too, but was happy to let someone else have it. The world doesn’t revolve around money – just experiences as far as I’m concerned.

      1. Transparency doesn’t mean being rewarded for what you’re doing in any way is wrong.

        See peeps like Bryon and Ian from Irunfar and Talkultra respectively. They are great individuals, skilled professionals and I think it’s only fair that they get a compensation for work other races, brands or organisations benefit from.

        I’m all about the experience too, but let’s not fool ourselves here, traveling to the world to share running experiences in the most amazing places in the world wouldn’t have been possible without a little money.

        my two cents…

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