Daily News: Knitting & Running; High Heels; HK

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what matters in running… Today, the Blue Mountains, where many an Australian trail runner plies their trade dodged a massive bullet thanks to the superb efforts of volunteers and the Rural Fire Service from not only New South Wales, but many other States, some of whom drove thousands of kilometres to help out. The fires are still raging here, but we’re hopeful that it’s subsided… for now.

However it keep the mood bright and cheery, here’s some stories to make you smile…

  • Man sets knitting while running record… crazy (hat tip Ultrarunner podcast)
  • Ed Whitlock does it again… first there was a 1:38 half, now he runs a 3:41 marathon… aged eighty freaking two!
  • God made me do it… OK… at the other end of the spectrum, a 6yr old kid runs a half marathon. Everyone has an opinion on this type of thing. I say.. WRONG.
  • Calling all Princesses! Inov8 has brought out a high-heeled shoe. Dear God what is the world coming to. First Hokas now these… (*Note – I’m being facetious… before all the 1970s platform Queens get their knickers in a twist)
  • This is a tough mother of a challenge, the HK Four Trails Ultra Challenge. 100 days to go if you’re considering it… which I might be… kind of 🙂
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