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Yesterday was an awful day for many of us associated with the Blue Mountains here in Australia. While we know it as almost a second home for our running, for so many unfortunate people, homes were destroyed. Worryingly, this looks like being the start of a long summer and while the focus is on the Blue Mountains right now, the chances are that we could see similar things happening all over bush fire prone areas in Australia, which is why organisations need support. As runners we’re allowed to grace it’s beauty, so it’s only right that we help to protect it too.

In some of the worst bush fires the Blue Mountains has witnessed, around 100 homes have been destroyed and entire villages and communities have been torn apart. Many of us are personally connected to the area and the people in some way. It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation it’s caused to communities in Springwood, Winmalee, Valley Heights, Lithgow, Mount Victoria and many more.

Firefighters and volunteers alike should be recognised and highly praised for their efforts too, spending the entire night and 20hr shifts trying to battle the blazes, of which so many are still out of control.

Today’s news is more about getting the message out there that people need help, and a number of  different collections and charities would be grateful for any support people can offer, should you feel inclined at all. Charity is a very personal thing for sure, we get that… but should you wish to help in anyway, below are a few personal collections and charities that support people affected:

If you know of any other appeals, please email us at ultra168@hotmail.com and we’ll add them to this list.

To give you some sense of the devastation caused, the mother of one of our community of runners lost her home, this is what’s left below.




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