Daily News: Emelie; Marvelous Mimi and Snakes

OK, we’re sorry – we’ve been absent for a few days. Moving house means trying to get backward ISPs to reconnect the Internet, which if you’re in Australia takes a looooooooooong time and $$$… Anyway, back with some juicy ‘trail-ness’ for you to consider over your morning coffee or afternoon tea 🙂

  • Emelie Forsberg has had a storming year, here, the Swedish Princess of the trails shares some of her thoughts.
  • UROC (ultra race of champions) is on this weekend – This is not the world championships of ultra running, I repeat, this is not the world champs. It does have a pretty stellar line-up though. Sage Canaday, Dakota Jones, Ricky Gates, Rob Krar and a certain Kilian anyone?
  • Marty Dent, Australian Olympian is having a crack at the Kepler Challenge 60km trail ultra in NZ. No link, it’s just pretty darn cool that another high calibre marathon runner *(2:14) is across the divide.
  • This is how climbers celebrate virgin climbs
  • That’s some serious air
  • She’s a legendary grandmother that would give most men a run for their ultra money… meet Marvelous Mimi
  • In Australia, it’s got to be snakes – but what are the most dangerous animals for runners?



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