Daily News: The Sharmanator; Climbers; SkyRunning comes to Australia!

We thought we’d give you a break yesterday, but we’re back again today with some daytime (or night time) reading:

  • Ian Sharman tells all on his record-breaking Grand Slam of Ultra Running achievement
  • I always get sweaty palms when I watch these crazy climbers… this short little video though is beautifully shot
  • Cross-fitters are apparently the fittest people on the planet (yawn… ego… fake tan… skimpy clothes… shouting incessantly… high fives)
  • One of the most iconic races on the calendar in Australian has just opened up its entry… Coast2Kosci. 240kms long and you finish (nearly) on Australia’s highest mountain.
  • Oh, and Sky Running ANZ* has launched with the arrival of Australia’s first official SkyRun, the Buffalo Stampede. It’s brutal, check out the profile. Video action here.

*SkyRunning Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) has been founded by Ultra168’s Marcus Warner, following a successful submission to the International Sky Running Federation (ISF). Sky Running ANZ is an independent, non-for-profit association that aims to promote and further the sport of mountain running in Australia and New Zealand. As has been our policy from day one, Ultra168 will continue to declare all interests. We believe in open, honest and transparent communication with our readers.


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One thought on “Daily News: The Sharmanator; Climbers; SkyRunning comes to Australia!

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