Daily News: Le Tors des Geants; Hoka; Clarke Vs. Sharman

Hope you all had a lovely weekend of running. I personally had a ball up at the Glasshouse Mountains 100s this weekend and it was great to catch up with so many people in what is a fantastic community event. No heirs, graces, Interwebs or egos… just a bunch of runners out on the trails having fun. Here’s your daily dose of what’s going on in the trail and ultra world…

  • Le Tors des Geants is underway… it’s a pretty big one over in Europe… check out the preview. It’s 330 clicks long and has 24,000m of climbing… told you it was big
  • Here’s a nice little video of Anton at UTMB
  • Hokas… bullsh*t or revolution?
  • Big shout out to Ian Sharman who took out the Grand Slam of ultra running in a combined time of 69hrs 49mins. Nick Clark, you’re still our hero and officially the ‘*Daddy of the Grand Slam of Ultra Running™‘ (according to the lawyers at Ultra68)
  • The ultra trail world tour has made three ‘press releases’ available following on from their press conference last week.
  • Nice little piece on one of New Zealand’s finest female ultra runners, Ruby Muir, who won the Tarawera 100 and came third at the Speedgoat 50

Until tomorrow boys and girls… Im off to pick up some toys that have been thrown from the pram!





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